Jardín Antioquia how to get there and what to do

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Jardín Antioquia is definitely one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia, which in addition to being colorful and welcoming, has unparalleled natural landscapes and is home to very friendly people.

In this travel guide to Jardín Antioquia you will learn how to get there, what to do and where to stay, we will also recommend that waterfalls and nature reserves you must visit.

Colored chairs in Jardín Antioquia
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Before traveling to Jardín Antioquia, you should know that this municipality is located in the southwest of the department of Antioquia, just 3 hours from Medellin.

Jardín Antioquia is one of the 17 Heritage Towns of Colombia, it is a place where its inhabitants gather early in the town center to start the day with a delicious 100% Colombian coffee.

Authentic houses of small towns paisas
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Main square of Jardín
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Jardín is characterized mainly by its colonial architecture, which has managed to keep almost intact for more than 140 years and when you are in Garden the first thing you will fall in love with is its beautiful and flourishing central square.

Pots in balcony of the town paisa
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In addition, its beautiful colorful facades and flowered balconies have excellent routes for ecotourism and is one of the best places in Antioquia for bird watchers.


To get to Jardín Antioquia you must first reach the city of Medellín.

In Medellín you can find cheap flights in Skyscanner.

Finca paisa
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Once you are in Medellín you must arrive at the South Transport Terminal and from there take a bus to Jardín Antioquia. Each ticket can be found from $25,000 COP and the travel time can be up to 3 hours.

Transport companies: Rápido Ochoa y Transportes Suroeste

Note: when you are on the road, stay alert because you will see Cerro Tusa, the largest natural pyramid in the world.


In Jardín there are plans for everyone, but without a doubt one of the best plans is to go around. So if you ask how long to stay in Jardín, the answer is between 3 to 4 days.

House of Jardín Antioquia
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On the sidewalks near the town you can see birds, swim in waterfalls and adventure on long walks through the stunning coffee landscape, which among other things is declared a World Heritage Site.

Sidewalk of Jardín Antioquia
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Keep in mind that for all these plans it is best to take shoes with good grip, some snacks and obviously a good camera.

It is worth remembering that you should make sure to return the garbage that your visit produced, even organic waste such as rinds or remains of food, as these can generate plagues and diseases in the wild flora and fauna.


Some of the trails that are on the outskirts of Jardín are not fully signposted, so the ideal is that you always go with a native guide and in the process you support the local economy.

Panoramic view of the municipality of Jardín
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Then, the main hiking and ecotourism routes in Jardín Antioquia are:


The Cave of the Guácharos is located to the north of the municipal head in the village La Salada.

To get to the Cave of the Guácharos you can get to the center of the town and find Jeeps and guides that go to the Alto del Cuchillón, from there you will have to walk an hour and a half to the cave.

Cave of the Guácharos Jardín

This waterfall receives its name from the guácharos, some cave birds that take refuge in it.


This is a natural waterfall 50 meters high that is also in the path La Salada, so when you go to the Cave of the Guácharos you can walk another 20 minutes to reach the Angel Falls.

Cascada el Salto del Ángel Antioquia Colombia
Photo: catpnho

A beautiful tour of exuberant beauty and beautiful panoramas with which you can clear your mind and forget the city.

Keep in mind that this tour lasts about 7 hours and that in the park of Jardín you can find local agencies that take you to Cave of the Guácharos and Angel Falls from $90,000 COP.


The Cave of the Splendor is also known as the Cueva del Encanto and is one of the most emblematic natural attractions of the municipality of Jardín.

Cueva del Encanto Jardín
Photo: juanes1009

To get to the Cueva del Esplendor you must call (+57) 316 515 2000 and get in touch with the agency in charge of managing the loading capacity of the place, who for the tour that includes guide, transportation and snacks can charge you $65,000 COP.

Once you have your plan ready, they will pick you up in a Willys Jeep and take you to the nearest path to the entrance of the cave, where a good breakfast and a walk await you.

Cave of the Splendor Jardín Antioquia
Photo: juandiego.x

Keep in mind that only the entry of up to 40 people is allowed per day, so if your plans include visiting the Cave of the Splendor, it is best to book in advance.

Other waterfalls that are close to the town and that you can visit without a guide are the Cascada del Amor, Charco Corazón and the Escalera de Cristal.


If you like to observe birds or you are simply a lover of the beauty of nature, in Jardín you will feel very happy, because very close you will find reserves dedicated to the conservation and care of the flora and fauna of the region.


This reserve is the home of the cocks of the rock and in it every morning and every night you can see the flight of these precious and colorful birds in danger of extinction.

Sighting cocks of the rock
Photo: Nick Athanas
Cock of the Rock
Photo: Jei Pov

The opening hours for the Natural Reserve Cocks of the Rock are 6 a.m. at 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 5 p.m. Admission costs $ 10,000 COP and you can go on your own.

Note: remember that the best hours for bird watching are in the morning, so try to get up early enough.


The Natural Reserve of Birds Loro Orejiamarillo is located 1 hour and a half from Garden, punctually in the Ventanas village.

Loro Orejiamarillo
Foto: Banco de la República

There the wildlife is very rich and varied, because besides finding many species of birds, it is the habitat of spectacled bears and some deer.

This natural reserve is located in the middle of the humid forest and it promotes the conservation of birds such as the loro orejiamarillo and other endangered species such as the palm of wax and if you want to visit it you must find an agency in the center of Jardín.

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The first day in Jardín you can dedicate to explore the town, you can do walking or a tuk-tuk can charge you up to $15,000 COP for taking you to the most interesting points of the town.

Jardín Antioquia Colombia streets
Photo: Pedro Szekely
Man walking down the street
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Among the places you must visit is the Plaza del Libertador, the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Camino de La Herrera and the Mirador Cristo Rey.

Cableway La Garrucha
Photo: @guillodeviaje

After visiting the Mirador de Cristo Rey you can go to La Garrucha Cableway, the plan is to climb into this kind of flying corral and enjoy another view and a snack offered at the top.

The cost of the cable is $3,500 COP per trip and when you get off you can go down or walk 40 minutes on an ecological path that will take you to Charco Corazón or take a shorter path that takes you to the town in 15 minutes.


The Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is a church built in stone carved by hand and in neo-Gothic style that has been decorated in its interior with arches covered in gold.

Outside the temple there is a beautiful garden of roses, ceibos and guayacanes, which together with the republican houses that surround it, make this one of the most instagrameable scenes of Jardín.

Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Jardín Antioquia
Photo: ameliealbarracin
Interior Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Garden Antioquia
Photo: rafaelangulo

Getting to the basilica is quite easy, since it is in the main park, you just have to walk a couple of streets and look up to see how its towers will mark the way to it.


Although this paisa municipality offers many lodging options, here we recommend some hostels and hotels in Jardín Antioquia near the main park.


In an old coffee farm full of fruits and nature, on the outskirts of the town is Ayahuasca Casa Artística.

In this hostel you can find shared spaces to attend yoga classes, dance, or just to relax for a while in the hammock.

Hostal Ayahuasca Antioquia
Photo: ayahuasca.hostal

This hostel has a shared kitchen, they are pet friendly and there you can find shared rooms from $25,000 and private rooms for two from $80,000 COP.

Confirm your availability and prices in Booking.


If you are one of those who want to stay in a hotel near the main park, without a doubt you have to choose La Casa Amarilla. A beautiful place just 100 meters from the main square.

Lodging in Jardín
Photo: Eddy Milfort

In this hotel you will find a shared kitchen and rooms with balconies overlooking the town and some with others overlooking the mountains.

In La Casa Amarilla you can find private single rooms from $65,000 and double rooms from $90,000 COP.

Confirm your availability and prices in Booking.

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Other accommodations that you should consider are: Hotel La Casona, Hostal y pizzeria romana, and El Paraíso.


If you want to delight your palate, you should try the famous Fiambre, a dish based on mashed potatoes, meat, rice and ripe wrapped in banana leaves.

Dulces de Jardín Antioquia
Photo: macanasjardin

A good idea is to taste the sweets typical of Dulces del Jardín, one of the most colorful little places in the town, where locals and visitors find arequipes, jams and some products low in sugar.

And if you want to try the delicious coffee grown in the region, you should visit De Los Andes Café, Café Cuchillas or Ave Café.

Church Jardin Antioquia
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Last but not least, when traveling do not forget to respect the signage of the trails, deposit the trash in the right place and avoid excessive consumption of natural resources.

For more adventures and travel guides see our Travel Guide ebook.

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See you soon!



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