Filandia, Colombia

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Filandia, Quindío, is a small and authentic Colombian coffee town that is very close to Salento. A place with a wide cultural and natural offer, which little by little has become the goal of travelers from all over the world.

Park Filandia Quindio
Photo: @mauricioamayalop

In this travel guide you will learn how to get, where to stay, what to do and what to pack for Filandia, you will know the Illuminated Hill Viewpoint, where to see howler monkeys, and what restaurants and museums to visit.

Updated in November 2019


Antioquia arquitecture
Photo: @danielgonzalezt

Filandia is in Quindío, in the coffee region of Colombia at 1,917 meters above sea level, it is a town of honest and hardworking people that dazzles for being a natural viewpoint and which is usually compared with its neighbor Salento, and although yes they keep similarities, the truth is that Filandia is less crowded.

In Filandia the weather is quite cool, it rains with some frequency, and the average temperature can reach 25°C and at night it can drop to 13°C.


Jeeps Filandia to Salento Quindio
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To get to Filandia from Bogotá or Cali, you must first arrive to the city of Armenia, and from Medellín you will have to go to Pereira.

🚌 Bus Bogotá to Armenia: $55,000 COP and 7 hours
🚍 Bus Medellín to Armenia: $65,000 COP and 6 hours
🚌 Bus Cali to Armenia: $34,000 COP and 3.5 hours

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Population of the coffee axis Colombia
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

In Pereira Terminal you can get buses that go to Filandia for $ 6,500 COP and take 50 minutes to arrive. While from Armenia the trip takes 45 minutes and the bus $4,500 COP.

If you are going to travel in a group, an idea that can save you a lot of time and money is, rent a car, put Waze and get to know Filandia, Salento, Pijao, Buenavista and the Quindío Botanical Garden.

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How to get to Filandia from Armenia and Salento
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From Salento you can reach Filandia by Jeep. The trip takes 40 minutes, you can get the ticket from $5,500 COP and you can take them in the main park from 8:30 a.m. at 6 p.m.

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Where to sleep in Filandia
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In Filandia you can find very colorful hostels and rural hotels that preserve the local architecture, and although more and more travelers are received, the accommodations are still few, so book ahead and look at these:

($) Bidea Backpackers HostelThree House BoutiqueCasa Hotel El Compadre ($$) Mythos HostalHostal Colina de LluviaHotel Campestre El Refugio ($$$) Casa du VéloSanta Elena de la ColinaCasa Bambuco

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Calle del Tiempo Detenido
Photo: @bersaye

Walking through the town is a good option for the first day you arrive in Filandia. Explore and know a little of their culture, each step will allow you to observe the preserved architecture that stands out from their homes and reflects the influence of the Antioquia colonization.

Although the architecture and the colorful streets are present almost in the whole town, it is in the Calle del Tiempo Detenido where much more can be noticed.

Cosas para hacer en Filandia Quindío
Photo: @anarodriguezn
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

In the Calle del Tiempo Arrested you can appreciate the architectural value of this region, in it you can find some restaurants and shops that sell souvenirs and handicrafts in palma de iraca and bejuco.

A few meters from this street you can sit in the main park, rest, look for a good coffee or just walk it to contemplate those gigantic trees that surround it.


Parish Mary Immaculate Conception
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

In the main park you can also visit the Maria Inmaculada Concepción Parish, a large building dating from 1905.

The design of this church is very special, because it is one of the few temples in the world that are made in bahareque, a mixture of wet soil and straw. Really a construction that can be among the most instagrammeable in Colombia.

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Mirador de Filandia
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

On the outskirts of Filandia, on the road that leads to Quimbaya is this beautiful viewpoint.

To the Illuminated Hill Viewpoint of Filandia you can arrive walking or in private vehicle, if you opt to walk it is about 20 minutes from the main park and by car about 5 minutes.

Filandia seen from the Illuminated Hill Lookout
Photo: @bersaye

In any case, you will always pass through the San José neighborhood, also known as the Artisan Masters Route, since most of the artisan families who make the beautiful baskets and accessories that live in the Interpretation Center of Bejuco live there.

The Illuminated Hill Viewpoint of Filandia is an imposing structure almost 27 meters high, built with Caribbean mangrove and woods like zapán. Inside there are balconies from which you can see the Coffee Cultural Landscape in a 360º angle.

View from the Illuminated Hill Viewpoint of Filandia
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

If you are lucky and you go on a day of dismemberment, besides enjoying an incredible you will be able to see some municipalities in the departments of Risaralda, Quindío, Valle del Cauca and the Nevado del Tolima.

The Illuminated Hill Viewpoint of Filandia is open every day from 9 a.m. at 7:00 p.m and on weekends until 10 p.m.

Tickets: $8.000 COP

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Interpretation Center of Bejuco to basket
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

A few meters from the main park of Filandia, Quindío, there is the Interpretation Center of Bejuco, a museographic and interactive space, which belongs to the Association of Artisans of Filandia.

This museum is a place designed for visitors to establish a relationship with the basket weaving environment of Bejuco. A very special approach in which you can learn the history of basketry associated with the collection of coffee and other fruits.

Tour of the artisan center of the vine in Filandia
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

The guided tour costs $2,000 COP, lasts about 20 minutes and really is a must if you want to know in depth this beautiful tradition that refuses to disappear in the middle of an industrialized world and highly dependent on plastic.

In the interpretation center you can also find a small shop with the new handmade products based on the vine that are made. Beautiful accessories at the manufacturer’s price.

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Barbas River Canyon
Photo: @mauricioamayalop

Filandia is home to two of the largest natural reserves in the region: the Barbas and Bremen forests, both of which have more than 300 hectares and are environmental heritage and forest reserves.

In these native forests live some of the last herds of howler monkeys of South America and other endemic species, so it is a very fragile ecosystem that is only open for scientific and academic activities.

Howler monkeys in the Barbas Bremen
Photo: Orinoquia Cambio Climático

However, if you are interested in visiting part of the natural landscape of Filandia and spotting howler monkeys in the wild, you can visit the Barbas River Canyon.

The Barbas River Canyon is located in a private farm, so it is necessary to go in the company of a local guide who is authorized to do the tour.

Howler monkeys in Colombia
Photo: @miniboy_lf

The tours to the canyon usually start from the main park of Filandia, where a Jepp will take you to 15 minutes to the sector from where the walk begins.

The walk lasts about 4 hours and in it you will have to enter through the Andean forest of fog, you will be surrounded by white yarumos, black cedars and other trees with erect branches and tall foliage, which serve as habitat for the red howler monkeys.

In this nature reserve you must walk cautiously and silently, and you have to be very attentive because with some luck you can see a herd of howler monkeys in their natural environment.

Walk through the reserve Barbas Bremen
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

Keep your senses well active, because you will need an incredible view and have a well-tuned ear, because when you are looking for them you will surely hear the howl of the herd, a loud rumble that can be heard throughout the canyon.

Keep in mind that when you go to see wildlife, it is best to wear dark clothes, hiking shoes, binoculars, camera, hydration and some fruits that can give you energy for the road.

Howling Monkey Mural
Photo: @mauricioamayalop

Remember to take with you a tote bag so that you can return all the garbage that your visit can cause and avoid leaving organic waste such as peels or food scraps, as these can generate pests and diseases in the wild.

Finally, if you need the guide service to the Barbas River Canyon, you can call Mr. Luis at (+57) 320 610 2210, he can also help you with transportation.



Quindío Gastronomy best restaurants
Photo: @dianamarroquing_

The cuisine of the coffee region is really exquisite and Filandia has one of the best restaurants in the entire region.

So if it is a question of recommending a place where you can enjoy the food in an artisanal way and with a totally new concept, we recommend you visit Helena Adentro.

Helena Adentro FilandiaPhoto: @dianamarroquing_Mural Helena Adentro
Photo: @mauricioamayalop

Helena Adentro is a fascinating and cozy restaurant, located in an old house with little intervention, and although it still preserves the original architecture they have managed to acclimate it in a natural, artistic and full of color.

Its gastronomic offer is very varied and all its dishes prepared with the best ingredients of the region. Keep in mind that the whole menu is thinking under the philosophy of sharing, which makes the visit a nice experience for couples, friends and families.

Starters from $14,000 COP and main courses from $25.000 COP.


📷 Camera

🔋 Powerbank

🚰 Travel filter water bottle

🦜 Binoculars
📔 Travel journal

🥾 Hiking boots
Bamboo toothbrush

🌧️ Windbreaker Jacket


Hearth mural
Photo: @mauricioamayalop

🚌 Bus Bogotá to Armenia: $55.000 COP

🚍 Bus Armenia to Filandia: $4.500 COP

🛏️  Shared room: $20,000 COP
⛰️  Guide to Barbas River Canyon: $40,000 COP
🔭  Entrance to the Iluminada Hill Viewpoint: $8,000 COP
✅ Tour Interpretation Center Bejuco: $2,000 COP

Total for a two-day weekend in Filandia: $129,500 COP

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Remember, in your visit to Filandia and to any other destination in the world, be careful with the natural resources, the water sources and try to reduce the trace of your presence to the maximum.


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