10 Best Glamping in Colombia

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Glamping is a worldwide trend, and Glamping in Colombia is an incredible experience, because this country has an immense variety of landscapes, climates and ecosystems, which make it one of the best places to camp in the world.


Camping in Colombia is possible without risking your comfort. If you are one of those who choose a good bed, a private bathroom or a good meal when choosing a lodging, this article is for you!

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Colombia's best glamping
Photo: Glamping Entre Ríos

If you still do not know what is a glamping, remember that mixture between camping tents and luxury hotels, which are designed in such a way that you can enjoy the nature and comfort of a 5 star hotel.

So if you want to know where to camp near Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and many other places like the Coffee Axis, read on and find your glamping in Colombia:


Bajo el Cielo Hotel Guatavita

10 Minutes from Guatavita, in front of the Tominé reservoir and 1 hour and a half from Bogotá is Bajo el Cielo. A glamping near Bogotá, where you can simply have one of the best views of the lake and mountains.

This glamping in Colombia is a very good option if what you are looking for is camping and spending an unforgettable night. A spacious, quiet place, where your pet is welcome, and has a private bathroom, showers, restaurant, bar, Wi-Fi and free parking.

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Where to camp near Bogotá

Around Bajo el Cielo Glamping you can find more than 15 species of birds, 20 varieties of native trees, and millions of stars that will rest on you every night.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $290,000 COP

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Terramaga Cundinamarca

Waking up in the middle of a forest, with the sound of the river and with the comforts of a 5-star hotel, is what you can expect to experience at Terramaga Glamping.

Terramaga is a glamping located in the municipality of San Francisco, Cundinamarca, about 2 hours from Bogotá, which you can reach very easily by car and where you can connect directly with the great biodiversity of the region.

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Shaula by Terramaga Glamping
Glamping near Bogotá
Photo: @tofurkyy

Terramaga is one of the few glamping in Colombia where you will find a beautiful river a few steps from you, it also has an outdoor pool, picnic areas, ecological trails and a Wi-Fi signal poor enough for disconnect from your cell phone.

Each tent or dome of this glamping has its own private bathroom and includes a shower and free toiletries. Reservations include American breakfast, and there is an Italian cuisine restaurant where you can also find vegan options.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $470,000 COP

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Lumbre Glamorous Camping Colombia
Photo: @guillodeviaje 

Lumbre Glamping is located 1 hour from Armenia, near the Cocora Valley and the Los Nevados National Natural Park. A beautiful place where you can sleep under the stars, wake up to the song of the birds and enjoy the tranquility that nature offers.

Lumbre Glamorous Camping is one of the most exclusive glamping in Colombia. In this you will find a personalized service, chefs willing to design a menu according to your tastes, and when you stay you have the privilege of being able to enjoy a free walk that ends at the Cocora Waterfall.

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Camping and glamping Salento Valle del Cocora
Photo: @guillodeviaje
Glamping Colombia booking
Lumbre Glamping in Colombia

Also, visiting the Cocora Waterfall remember that Lumbre is an excellent starting point to visit Salento, Filandia, Cocora Valley and spot hummingbirds in the Acaime Reserve.

In Lumbre Glamorous Camping there is a free and private parking area, and each glamping is equipped with a private bathroom that includes a shower and toiletries.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $340,000 COP

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Bosko Guatapé Glamping in Colombia

2 hours from Medellín and 10 minutes from Guatapé and the Peñol stone, is Bosko, a glamping that is already part of that sea of mountains that make up the Guatapé Reservoir.

In this Antioquia glamping, each MushRoom has a bathroom with outdoor shower, hot water, it is totally private and intimate. It also has a terrace from where you can enjoy magical sunsets, a unique view of the reservoir and lots of endemic vegetation.

Excursion to Guatapé from Medellín

Best camping sites in Colombia
Photo: @camila.salazar.gomez
Glamping in Colombia Guatapé Medellín
Photo: @sebastcorrea 

The best about this glamping in Colombia is that the lodging rate includes breakfast for 2 people, and in the place you can hire some experiences for the reservoir such as kayaking, paddleboarding, mountain exploration, fishing, campfires and meditation.

🏕️ MushRooms for two people from $390,000 COP

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Entre Ríos Armenia
Photo: @estebanpaisa 

In this glamping in Colombia near Armenia, you will have the opportunity to stay in a luxury camping tent, located a few meters away and right in the middle of the Quindío and Santo Domingo rivers.

In Glamping Entre Ríos you will have at your disposal camping tents with private jacuzzi equipped with hot water and hydrojet, sunny, mini bar, private shower and you will be in the Colombian coffee Region.

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Glamping in the Colombia Coffee Axis
Glamping in Colombia prices

Although this glamping in Colombia is one of the few that is not pet friendly and only allows the entry of children over 14 years, it is an ideal glamping to visit as a couple and is even equipped with enough ramps to receive people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

Glamping Entre Ríos is located 45 minutes from Armenia, in the neighboring municipality of Calarcá, right in one of the best places to camp in Colombia, the Coffee Cultural Landscape, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $490,000 COP

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Glamping Niddo Suesca opinions

In the middle of the mountains and very close to the rocks of Suesca is Niddo Suesca, one of the best glamping in Colombia, surrounded by mountains and forests that give an incredible atmosphere to the comfortable and captive camping tents.

Niddo is located just 15 minutes from the center of Suesca and 1 hour and a half from Bogotá. A glamping where you will find a mixture of adventure, comfort and complete tranquility, you can also connect with nature and practice some adventure sports.

Bungee Jumping in Suesca

Prices of Glamping in Colombia
Glamping in Suesca Colombia

In Niddo Suesca, each camping tent has heating, a bathroom, a private fire pit and a private parking lot. No reservation includes food so this glamping offers a meal package worth $90,000 person / day, which includes buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $245,000 COP

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Encubo Guatavita

For Encubo, glamping is a term that unites glamor with the experience of camping in extraordinary places, and it has been achieved with its cubes, where you can spend more than one night camping with a unique style in front of the Tominé reservoir.

This glamping in Guatavita is located 1 hour and a half from Bogotá, 5 minutes from the town and 45 minutes from the Laguna de Guatavita.

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Glamping Colombia
Photo: @anflour
Camping Guatavita

In Encubo you can enjoy various experiences during your stay, such as fishing, spending an afternoon sailing, horseback riding or making your own barbecue. Each glamping or CUBE, has a kitchenette, hammock, terrace overlooking the lake and private bathroom.

🏕️ Cube for two people from $290,000 COP

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Nativo Glamping Barichara Colombia

Nativo Glamping is 3 hours from Bucaramanga and 10 minutes from Barichara. An exclusive lodging that offers a deep rest to its guests and helps the planet with projects that take care of the environment, promote sustainable tourism, the protection of traditions and respect for the countryside.

In Nativo Glamping you will find a wide range of activities such as rafting, paragliding, caving, bungee jumping, watercolor painting workshop, bike tours, ecological walks, yoga classes, astronomy workshops and even craft bakery courses. Activities that do not need prior reservation.

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Nativo Barichara
Natural Glamping Barichara

This pet-friendly glamping in Colombia has a restaurant bar, outdoor pool, free parking area, each store or dome is equipped with a private bathroom equipped with shower and toiletries, and all reservations include American breakfast.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $248,000 COP

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Glamping in Colombia Boyacá

In the municipality of Tuta, Boyacá, just 25 minutes from Paipa and just less than 3 hours from Bogotá, is Campo Escondido, a glamping with an incredible boutique style in the middle of nature, surrounded by the impressive landscapes of Boyacá and The mountains of the Andes mountain range.

In Campo Escondido, you will find one of the quietest and most charming glamping in Colombia, where you can enjoy starry nights, and a totally personalized service.

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Campo Escondido Boyacá Colombia
Photo: @joseafernandezg
Hotel Campo Escondido Tuta

In addition to the outdoor gardens, you have the possibility to take bike rides, campfires and enjoy some board games and even the traditional shuffleboard. A free Wi-Fi space, where you can share quality time with your loved ones.

Breakfast is included in the lodging and has parking, bathroom and private shower.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $280,000 COP

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Camping San Gil Colombia

On a small hill that has a beautiful view, you will find this ecological camp, 2 and a half hours from Bucaramanga and 20 minutes from San Gil.

At La Pacha Hostel you can understand why luxury is also simple, and in this backpacker glamping, you will find shared and private domes, and conventional camping tents in a rural coffee plantation.

Rafting in San Gil

Hostal Glamping Santander La Pacha
Photo: @veganbackpacks
Where to camp in Colombia

La Pacha Hostel is one of the few glamping in Colombia that have showers powered by solar panels, and a library inside a bus. It also has private parking for guests, a restaurant and several forest trails where you can walk and take an ecological bike ride.

🏕️ Shared glamping from $20,000 COP | private from $50,000 COP

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Yuva Glamping Colombia

Yuva Glamping is located in the municipality of San Francisco, Cundinamarca, and getting from Bogotá is very easy, it is only a matter of taking a bus from the Flota Santa Fe company in the Salitre Terminal, the ticket price is from $12,000 COP and the Trip lasts 2 hours.

If you plan to travel by private car, it is only a matter of taking the road that connects with La Vega. Here you can rent a car in Bogotá at the best price.

Yuva Glamping Bogotá

This glamping in Colombia has a warm climate, during the day the average temperature is 25ºC and at night 15ºC. All domes have a hot tub, sauna, air conditioning, private bathroom with towels, kitchen, fridge and stove, and all reservations include American breakfast.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $600,000 COP

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Kingdome Guatavita Cundinamarca

5 Minutes from the town of Guatavita, 1 hour and a half from Bogotá and right in front of the Tominé Reservoir, is Kingdome Glamping. A lodging that offers an alternative to traditional tourism, where you can camp with the luxuries and comforts of a hotel.

The Guatavita Lagoon is located 15 minutes from the Kingdome Glamping, so in addition to visiting the lagoon, you will have the possibility to practice some water sports and fly over the Tominé Reservoir.

Guatavita Lagoon Tour from Bogotá

Glamping in Guatavita Colombia

In Kigdome Glamping you can enjoy bonfires and sailboat rides, and each dome of this glamping in Colombia allows pets, has a private bathroom with shower, restaurant, bar and parking area totally free.

🏕️ Tents for two people from $450,000 COP

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Montana Salento

5 Minutes from the main park of Salento, 45 minutes from Filandia, or 1 hour from Armenia is Montana Glamping, cozy and luxurious camping tents located in the middle of one of the most beautiful landscapes of the coffee axis.

All tents are located inside a farm, and because it is far enough away from light pollution, it is ideal to observe the occasional shooting star at night.

Glamping in Salento Colombia
Photo: @sofiapozuelo

In Montana Glamping de Colombia, you will find shops with shared bathroom with shower, free parking and all reservations include buffet breakfast.

🏕️ Glamping for two people from $220,000 COP

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Remember that all glamping is surrounded by nature composed many times of virgin flora and fauna, so when you stay in one, be very respectful of your surroundings, return all your trash with you and do not make fires in unauthorized sites.


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