How to get to Termales de la Cabaña

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The Termales de la Cabaña are located in the municipality of Murillo, in the department of Tolima, exactly in the Los Nevados National Natural Park, a natural setting without equal.

Walking on the Termales de la Cabaña
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Before arriving at the Termales de la Cabaña, it is necessary to first pass through Murillo, a small and beautiful town known as the Nevado del Ruiz window, which still conserves its colonial architecture and there you can find a viewpoint from where you can see the town in all its splendor.

Viewpoint Murillo Tolima
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In addition, in the surroundings of Murillo you can go to other natural places such as the Cascada del Silencio, which stands out for its more than 30 meters high, where the cold and crystalline water falls.

And of course, visit the Termales de la Cabaña, or as I have called it: A little piece of Eden on earth, where besides knowing the Quebrada de los 7 Colores, the Laguna Corazón and the Cascada de la Laguna, you can enter with respect through the frailejones forest.


To get to the Termales de la Cabaña you have several alternatives, everything depends on what type of transport you use, whether public or private.

How to get to Murillo Tolima
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In any case, there are two possible routes to reach the Termales de la Cabaña, one is arriving first at the municipality of Líbano, in the department of Tolima, and from there boarding a Cootralibano van that for COP $6,000 COP will take you to Murillo.

The other route, is leaving from Manizales by the road that leads to the Nevado del Ruiz, you must take a detour after passing the Laguna Negra and the Nevado viewpoint. Follow the road until you find the sign that says Murillo, there is no way to get lost.

Mirador del Nevado del Ruiz
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If you travel by private vehicle, the quickest route is to get first to the municipality of Líbano and then to Murillo.

If you go in a 4×4 vehicle, you should definitely take the road that leads from Manizales, go through the Nevado del Ruiz to Murillo and then to the Finca Los Termales, which is where the walk begins and the ascent to the Termales de la Cabaña.

How to get to Termales de la Cabaña
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This path is really special because you will encounter spectacular landscapes such as the Laguna Negra, the Nevado del Ruiz Valleys and the Ríos Mountains, sometimes even with snow, a truly incredible experience!


If you choose to travel by public transport, you can get to Murillo from Manizales on a bus from the company Rápido Tolima, the price of the passage per trip you get from $28,000 COP and the trip can last 4 hours.

From the Ibague Transport Terminal you can take a bus from Rápido Tolima or Cootralibano from $15,000 COP, which takes about 2 and a half hours to reach Líbano.

Road to Los Nevados Colombia National Natural Park
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If you plan to travel to the Termales de la Cabaña from Cali or Medellín, the best alternative is to get to Manizales and from there follow your adventure. If you are in Bogotá, you can get a direct bus to Líbano with the company Velotax from $32,000 COP each way.

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In Murillo you must definitely visit the viewpoint and the Cascada del Silencio, these sites you can enter totally free, they are always open to visitors and are very close to the municipality.

Things to do near Ibague
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Cascada el Silencio Murillo Tolima
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Also, in Murillo you can find everything you need for your comfort, restaurants and accommodations from $30,000 COP per night.


Very close to Murillo you can start the ascent to the Termales de la Cabaña. At 1 hour and 40 minutes from the town you will arrive at the Finca de la Cabaña, the place from where the road begins.

Ascent to the Termales de la Cabaña
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Cabaña of Nevado del Ruiz
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To get to the Finca de la Cabaña you must board a motorcycle or a car that will transport you, the price of the ticket per person is negotiable, and you can board in the main park of Murillo.

If you go by private vehicle, when you arrive at Finca de la Cabaña you can park your vehicle, the parking price is $5,000 COP. From there you will start the ascent over 3,800 meters and you will finish at 4,300 meters above sea level.

Tour to Los Nevados National Natural Park
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Keep in mind that on the farm you can rent boots, which is highly recommended because the road in some parts is full of mud and the walk to get to the Termales de la Cabaña can take between 1 hour and a half to 2 hours.

The route to get to the Termales de la Cabaña can be done with or without a guide, since the road is completely signposted, so it is only a matter of following your path with great care and not deviating.

How to get to Termales de la Cabaña from Bogotá
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When you arrive at the hot springs, you will find the cabin where they will offer you some food and drinks, you will be able to find foods like coffee, sausages, sandwiches and foods that will help you recharge your energy.

In the cabin you can camp if you wish, the price per night is COP $ 10,000 per tent, however, remember to verify at this value at the time of undertaking your trip.

Remember, if you go camping you need to bring warm clothes, at night the temperature drops so low that you can get to digits below zero.

Hot springs near to Bogota
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Passing the cabin, you will arrive at the hot springs where you can take a bath, its waters are completely blue and the temperature is quite high, it is caused by the same sulfur mud and by the same hot water that flows from inside the land of the thermal.

But its waters are not the only incredible thing, there is also the landscape of frailejones that surrounds the thermal springs, the small waterfalls and the typical forest of the páramo, it is like a little piece of Eden on earth.

What to do in Los Nevados Park
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After getting to know the thermal springs, from this place you can take a tour to the Quebrada de los 7 Colores, the Laguna Corazón and the Cascada de la Laguna.

The Quebrada de los 7 Colores falls directly from the mountain and is very particular, as its waters and mud are loaded with sulfur, achieving a beautiful effect that translates into a rainbow of many colors.

Quebrada de los 7 Colores in Los Nevados Colombia
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The Laguna Corazón is another magical and unique place, so called because it has a heart shape, it can be considered perhaps in one of the most beautiful lagoons in Colombia.

The most beautiful lagoons in Colombia.
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The waterfall of the lagoon is very close to the Laguna Corazón, there the water is incredibly cold but its water fall is very beautiful, perfect to take some pictures.

Laguna Corazón Murillo Tolima
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If you want to know a little more about the plans and prices to visit this destination, you can contact the Fundación Montaña Viva Nevados, the rural organization responsible for managing ecological tourism in its territory.

While you are gunning your trip to the Termales de la Cabaña, here we leave you an excellent video of our friends from @veniquehaypahacer that will transport you to this magical place in a few seconds:


If you want to visit the Termales de la Cabaña in one day and return to Murillo, it is necessary to start the walk early in the morning, otherwise you will have to camp in this place.

If you decide to camp in the Termales de la Cabaña, you should bring thermal or warm clothing, and a pair of extra socks, although at night the temperature drops to below zero, it is a very good experience to camp.

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Take a reusable bag with you, because in the thermal sector there is no place to leave any kind of garbage, so all the waste must be returned with you.

Travel without worries, enjoy all the way, enjoy the landscapes, the frailejones, the thermal, the waterfalls, and above all leave everything clean, if you find a little waste, take it! and have absolute respect for nature.

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