San Gil tastes like adrenaline

AUTHOR: Angelica Marroquín

San Gil is wild and adrenergic. Exactly known for the tons of adrenaline experienced by the people who have traveled to this place.



But what makes this place so exciting? Is that it has its hidden secret because there are rivers, mountains and several landscapes that allow to realize a large majority of extreme sports, take a look so that you lose the fear and dare you to do them.





Although both sports are based on a rope descent in mountains, the difference is that the rappel is done just on the mountain and the torrentismo in waterfalls.

No matter the plan you want to do, the truth is that you have to get ready to walk, cuz’ you know these sports are practiced in mountains or waterfalls which are really hidden.



Although one thing we’re sure, it’ll be worth it because once the descent starts, if you are going to do torrentismo, you will feel the water falling running through your body while you enjoy the view of the Chicamocha Canyon and at the end, you’ll enjoy the natural waterhole formed by the waterfall.







The torrentismo is practiced in the Juan Curí waterfalls in the Santander moor, in the way San Gil- Charalá. This activity is for children and adults.


  • 2. ZIP LINE:


Fear? Noo, you don’t need that here! You just need guts.



Especially because there are 3 cable flights and you’ll have to descent with a pulley system while you go tied to a harness but one thing is sure the view although it’s a little scary it’s also stunning and really worth it.



The first zip line has 450 meters long, it doesn’t seem like much but believe me, it’s worth it during the journey you will see the Chicamocha canyon and river in all its splendor.


The second is the viewpoint zip line is shorter but with more vertigo and emotion.



And the last is the cable flight for kids. In this experience reach speeds of 50 kilometers per hour. Is practiced in the national park of Chicamocha and this activity is for children and adults.




Halt! Stop here, don’t ignore it because isn’t boring at all. Although this sport is not on the list of many travelers what they don’t know is that the charms of this earth are also underneath it.


Don’t you know what it consists of? Easy, the speleology is a sport, which consists of discovering and exploring caves.  Is not suitable for claustrophobics, so be careful if you are one of them, but one thing is sure, is suitable for all those who enjoy from wild and different sceneries.



The route lasts approximately 2 hours, you pass by incredible rock formations and you will see some bats. There’s nothing to be scared at all they are vegetarians, they only poop too much.


If after this you convinced yourself to go, we recommend you to take comfortable and light clothes, light shoes, and a lantern; no more, because most of the time you will go through water bodies.



These are the 4 main caves near San Gil:


La Antigua Cave: semi-humid, has an internal waterfall and you can do mud therapy. Located 15 km from San Gil in the way to Barichara.


La Vaca Cave: humid, you come across wells of ice water, mini underground waterfalls, mud toboggan and for some narrow paths you can crawl to move forward. Is the most extreme from Santander, located 6.5 km from San Gil in Curití.

El Indio Cave: humid. Has crawl sections; the route ends with a leap into the void of 5 meters into the dark, located 26 km from San Gil in Páramo.


Yeso Cavern: dry, you can enter by rappel or stairs, observe indigenous graves and a salon where is the statue from ‘Nuestra Señora de la Cueva’. Is the most beautiful because its internal and external landscapes, the Chicamocha canyon and the mountain la mesa de los Santos is the view at the end of the route, located 6.5 km from San Gil in Curití.





Who hasn’t dream to experiment the feeling of flying? Paragliding is one of the ways that can get you closer to living this experience, dare to go up into an aircraft of free flight without motor and foot takeoff, count also as flying or not?


The coolest thing of paragliding is that allows seeing from above the stunning landscape from Santander reaching heights of 300 to 1.000 meters, this adventure lasts about 30 minutes and keeps in mind that a professional pilot should accompany you.



The places where you can practice this sport are:


Chicamocha canyon: Located in the ‘vereda palo blanco’ from the Aratoca municipality one hour from San Gil with a difference in level of 1.000 m.

Pinchote: Located 30 minutes from San Gil with a difference in level of 500 m.



Pescaderito: Located in the ‘vereda el común’ from Curití municipality 40 minutes from San Gil with a difference in level of 300 m. It is recommended for intermediate and advanced pilots.

Cerro de la jabonera: Located in the Jabonera hill in the Ocamonte municipality 3 hours from San Gil with a difference in level of 900 m.



  • 5. RAFTING:


This was the main reason why San Gil became known in the country in the extreme sports, of course.


The rafting or canoeing is a sport where a group of people in an inflatable boat without a motor, goes down in a river.


Dare to go up in one of those boats, carried away by the current while you try to follow the indications of the instructor, sounds extreme. Would you dare do that?



If you dare and you have guts, we tell you three different rivers of San Gil where you can practice it:



The Fonce River, recommended for all the family because its level is easy.

The Suárez and Chicamocha rivers, recommended for those who wants fast and demanding levels.



As always there is a reward for the risk-takers, after the rafting you can swim into the river for a few minutes and carried away by the current while you admire the beautiful landscape.



  • 6. BUNGEE:


We feel a void in the stomach at the thought, but if yours is from iron you really have to jump.

To throw yourself, first you shouldn’t eat before the jump, second be well secured with a harness and other equipment, ¡ah! And have the guts to jump once you look down, hey! And never hurts make a little pray.



This sport consists of hold an elastic rope into the ankles then comes a free fall, the rope breaks the fall and pulls the person back which stays bouncing.



2 km from San Gil in the way to Charala you can find 2 options from the height of the jump, one of 55 and other of 70 meters. The minimum weight to practice this activity is 45 kg and the limit is 95 kg.


What do you think? Which sport would you like to practice? Which friend would you invite to San Gil?


Angelica Marroquín

Angelica Marroquín

Soy una mujer nacida en cuerpo y alma en el trópico, ubicación que ha influenciado mis más grandes pasiones: la bohemia, la lectura, la brisa del ocaso, el verde de la selva, el río, los viajes sin rumbo fijo y el mar.