10 Beautiful towns near Medellín

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The towns of Antioquia are very beautiful and visiting them is a very good idea, since most towns near Medellín enjoy an excellent climate, and are generally places steeped in history and culture, offering incredible activities in the midst of the nature.


So if you are looking for towns near Medellín and tourist sites in Antioquia, prepare your travel bag! Because we are going to present you 10 beautiful places to visit in Antioquia.

Let’s start:


Jardín cómo llegar
Photo: @nicotorou108

Jardín, is one of the tourist places in Antioquia and in all of Colombia, which is fully involved in responsible and conscious tourism.

Jardín is one of the most beautiful towns in Antioquia and most romantic in Colombia. A small place that will make you fall in love with colorful houses, parks with immense flowering trees, cobbled streets, and with its Antioquia architecture that gives it a bohemian atmosphere difficult to match.

Pueblos cercanos a Medellín
Photo: @luisgomezll
Plantación de plátano en Colombia
Photo: @hpenasa

In this beautiful town of Antioquia, you can spend the weekend in its streets and its surroundings, because on the outskirts of Jardín is where the natural attraction is that makes a different place from the other towns of Antioquia.

So after visiting its charming main park, the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, and the Mirador Cristo Rey, you must get up early to visit the Gallito de Roca Nature Reserve.

Reserva Natural Gallito de Roca Jardín
Photo: @gjanni
Cueva del Esplendor en Jardín
Photo: @im_cortex

On the outskirts of Jardín, you can also find some adventure sports such as caving, torrenting and hiking to different places such as the Guácharos Cave, Salto del Ángel and Cave of Esplendor.

Keep in mind, that to all these waterfalls and caves you must go in the company of a local guide, a service that you can hire in the town and that generally includes transportation and snacks from $65.000 COP.

Cueva Guacharos Jardín Antioquia Colombia
Photo: @giraldo_galeria_taller

Other plans that you can do in Antioquia and near Jardín, without the need for a guide, is to visit the Waterfall of Love, the Charco Corazón and the Crystal Staircase, it is just a matter of asking the town how to get there.

Recommended plan | Coffee tour of Jardín, Hispania and Andes, includes private transportation from Medellín, visit and guided tour of some coffee plantations, traditional lunch and walk through the towns.

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Pueblos bonitos de Antioquia

Jardín is one of those towns near Medellín that you can visit any day of the week, because to do so you just have to go to the South Transport Terminal and take a bus from the company Rapido Ochoa.

The bus from Medellín to Jardín takes approximately 3 hours to arrive, and each way you can get it from $25.000 COP.

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Hotel con piscina en Jardín
Casa Passiflora Hotel Boutique

If you are looking for a place where you can get in harmony with nature and restore your balance, we recommend staying at the Hotel Plantación, a sustainability school disguised as a beautiful accommodation.

Although, you should also consider staying at Casa Passiflora Hotel Boutique, La Casa Amarilla, Coffee & Peace Hostel or in Hotel La Casona, beautiful places that preserve the typical Antioquia architecture and that are close to the main park, while on the outskirts of town you can sleep in Ayahuasca Casa Artística.

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San Rafael Pueblos de Antioquia
Photo: @maria_arangot

Only 2 and a half hours from Medellín is San Rafael, one of the tourist sites in eastern Antioquia, which have been reborn from the barbarism of the armed conflict.

San Rafael is a small town in Antioquia known as the hydro-energy capital of Colombia, since there are the Guatapé, Jaguas and Playas hydroelectric plants.

This is one of the municipalities near Medellín, characterized by being a nature destination where waterfalls, large forests, natural landscapes, multicolored birds, and a great diversity of wildlife abound.

San Rafael Turismo
Photo: @david.quintero.j
Balnearios de San Rafael Antioquia
Photo: @cr.phvisual

In addition, in this town of Antioquia you can visit spas, natural puddles and crystal clear swimming pools, among which the Trocadero, the Tangas, the Malvinas, and the Cazuela stand out.

Definitely one of the best places to visit in Antioquia, and find new routes for hiking, mountain biking and bird watching.

Recommended: Tayrona Park


Planes turísticos en Antioquia
Photo: @giga_cardoso

San Rafael is one of those towns in Antioquia that you can easily reach from Medellín, the trip is done by road, takes about 2 hours, and you can do it by motorcycle, car or inter-municipal bus.

You can board the bus to San Rafael at the North Transport Terminal in Medellín, where you can buy each route with the company Sotrapeñol from $21.000 COP.

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San Rafael Antioquia hoteles
Photo: @ojala_bruja

In San Rafael you can find lodgings surrounded by nature, some of them offer shared rooms from $20.000 and private rooms from $55.000 COP.

Our recommended lodgings are: Ecolodge Raíces, Estación paraíso de dantas, Hotel el Trocadero, Alojamiento Campestre La Cueva De Morgan, SPA TODOS, Tiempo pa’ uno and Ritmo del Río.

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Jericó turismo
Photo: @nickgrafia

Jericó, is one of the towns near Medellín, that will fascinate you by the majestic mountains and the peaceful nature that surrounds it and makes this one of the most colorful towns in Antioquia in Colombia.

Jericho is often referred to as the hometown of the Holy Mother Laura. However, this little town paisa is more than religion and devotion, as it is one of the tourist destinations in Antioquia that are part of the network of Heritage Towns of Colombia, where culture and traditions are reflected in its streets, museums and churches.

Jericó Pueblos de Antioquia
Photo: @julianholguin2001
Pueblos de Medellín
Photo: @nickgrafia

In addition, this is one of the tourist towns of Antioquia that will surprise you with its wide cultural offer. One of the small towns near Medellín where you can visit the Museum of Religious Art, the Maja Museum, the José Tomás Uribe House Museum, the History Center and the Santa María de Jericó Theater.

Keep in mind that admission to most of these museums and cultural centers does not cost more than $5.000 COP, so let’s go! This may be one of the cheapest destinations in Antioquia.

Walking through Jericho is a great option, since on the way you can reach a steep street surrounded by colorful facades and full of flowers, then you can get to the Los Balsos Botanical Garden, which you can enter for free and where you will find a lake and a sample of the flora of the region.

Cien escalas de Jericó
Photo: @luisgomezll
Jardín Botánico de los Balsos de Jericó
Photo: @angesernap

And as if it were not enough, one of the paths in the Botanical Garden you can reach the Cerro El Salvador, at its top there is a statue of Christ the King, and there you can see all of Jericho.

Recommended tour | Jericó 1-day tour, includes transportation from Medellín, lunch, tour of the town and entrance to Mother Laura’s Birthplace.

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Mirador de Jericó
Photo: @littleritobigworld

You can get to Jericó from the South Transport Terminal in Medellín, there you can get bus tickets from $25,000 COP and the trip takes 3 hours.

As for accommodation, in Jericó you can find several alternatives, including hotels, hostels, country houses or rural cabins, and the important thing is that you book in advance.

In the town you can spend the night at Casa Aroma de Campo, Las Cometas Hostel, Hotel Saval Jericó, Cabañas el Rincón Paisa and Villa Palosanto, while outside you can do it in the Casa Santamaria Hotel Campestre y Cabañas y Flores.

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Guatapé turismo
Photo: @stantoniusrex

Guatapé is one of the most colorful towns in Antioquia, one of the places to visit near Medellín, where you will find houses adorned with plinths, those sculptures that display all kinds of traditional crafts and places, which were previously built to protect homes. voracity of humidity.

However, Guatapé is known worldwide for the Piedra del Peñón, a huge monolith 220 meters high and 60,000 tons, which houses more than 650 steps inside, culminating in the incredible viewpoint from which it is possible to appreciate much of the reservoir.

Lugares de descanso en Antioquia
Photo: @patricio.g17
Pueblos de Antioquia para visitar
Photo: @sledznas

So when you are thinking about what to do in Antioquia or looking for towns to visit in Antioquia, remember that in Guatapé you will find a small town that you can explore on foot, spend the day taking photos or take a boat ride around the reservoir.

We recommend, that if you plan to travel from Medellín to Guatapé, and you go with little weight, the best thing to do is to first climb the Piedra del Peñol and stay for a while at the top. Climbing to the top can take from 1 to 2 hours and admission costs $20.000 COP.

Planes turísticos Medellín Antioquia
Photo: @travel_with_pauli

When you get off the Piedra del Peñol you can take a tuk-tuk or a motorcycle car to Guatapé from $5.000 COP. Although if you want to walk you should know that the town is always a little removed from the stone.

Recommended plan | 1-day Guatapé tour and boat ride, includes bilingual guide, private transportation from El Poblado park in Medellín, breakfast, lunch, tour of the reservoir, ascent to Piedra del Peñol, tour of Guatapé and return at 6 p.m.

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Tour por Medellín
Photo: @maellepasquiou

To get to Guatapé you must leave from the North Transport Terminal of Medellín, the bus journey takes 2 hours and can be obtained with the company Sotrasanvicente from $15.000 COP.

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Hotel Zócalo Campestre
Hotel Zócalo Campestre

In Guatapé you can find hostels and hotels that preserve the architecture of the beautiful towns of local Antioquia, and around the Piedra del Peñol you will find rural accommodation.

In the town and its surroundings you can look at: Hotel El Paisaje, Casa Rosa, Casa Kayam Hostal, Lake View Hostel, Casa Encuentro by Haus and Country House Hostel.

While you are close to the Piedra del Peñol, you can sleep at: Galería Hostel, Bacoa Hostel, Ecolodge Bahía Peñón, Bosko Glamping, Levit Glamping, Hotel Zócalo Campestre, El Trébol, Hotel Pietrasanta, Hotel La Magdalena.

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Támesis Antioquia Fotos
Photo: @juansebor

Támesis is another of the best towns in Antioquia. A small town surrounded by nature that offers different types of activities to its surroundings, and a place so colorful and cozy that a good idea is to spend a whole day touring the town and enjoying a delicious coffee.

Támesis, is the first municipality in Antioquia that said no to metal mining, an authentic town that mass tourism has not yet reached and where you will find a perfect destination to go out for a weekend with the family.

Charcos Támesis
Photo: @andresgroelffi
Támesis Antioquia clima
Photo: @gioguzman9

In the Támesis you can find routes for hiking, climbing mountains, paragliding, bird watching, observing ancient pictograms, practicing caving in the caves of the San Antonio river and even swimming in spas and natural puddles.

You can also visit Cerro Cristo Rey, from where you will get a beautiful view of the Cartama Valley, the Farallón de la Pintada and the Cauca River, it is a walk that can take about 3 hours, it all depends on your pace, and although it is not Long yes it is demanding so be prepared.

Plans that may interest you in Medellín: Graffiti Tour, Coffee Tour of Medellín and Excursion to Santa Elena.


Támesis Antioquia Hoteles
Photo: @deambulaconsebas

You can get to the Támesis from the South Transport Terminal in Medellín on a Cooptratam bus, the trip takes 3 hours and the ticket can be obtained from $20.000 COP.


Monte Mágico Támesis
Monte Mágico Támesis

The hotels and country estates that you can find in Támesis are: Monte Mágico, Balcón de María y Ernesto, Hotel Cartama, Hotel San Agustín, La Oculta Lodge, Balcón Tamesino Hotel and Cetro Hotel Boutique.

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Santa fe de Antioquia
Photo: @nickylasco

Santa Fe is one of the towns in Antioquia that shine for its elegance, not for nothing this municipality was the former capital of the department and is known as the «Mother City» and «The cradle of the race».

Although Santa Fe de Antioquia long ago ceased to be the capital of the department, this municipality is still one of the towns of Antioquia favored by lovers of history and culture, as its streets are home to museums and feats that marked history of the colony and of the entire nation.

Pueblos cerca de Medellín
Photo: @im_cortex

In Santa Fe de Antioquia you can visit the Juan del Corral Museum, located in a large house with blue doors and windows, its entrance is free, and inside you can learn about the history of the city through valuable pre-Columbian pieces.

You can also take a tuk-tuk ride through the mythical Puente de Occidente, one of the most important engineering works in Colombia built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that crosses the Cauca River.

And you cannot leave Santa Fe de Antioquia without concluding your cultural and historical journey, passing by the Church of Santa Bárbara and the Museum of Religious Art Francisco Cristóbal Toro, and the rooms of Mother Laura and Easter.

Donde queda el Puente de Occidente
Photo: @santiago___marquez
Semana Santa en Santa Fe de Antioquia
Photo: @semanasantafe

Speaking of Easter in Colombia, you should know that this is one of the most fervently celebrated celebrations in Santa Fe, an authentic example of the devotion and recollection of the vast majority of peoples of Antioquia.

In addition, if you are one of the travelers who prefers adventure and extreme sports, you should know that in Santa Fe de Antioquia you can find some adrenaline activities such as rafting down the Cauca river and paragliding through the beautiful Antioquia mountains.

Recommended plan | 1-day trip to Santa Fe, includes round-trip transportation from Medellín, passage through the Puente de Occidente, tour of the historic center, entrance to the Juan Corral Museum and lunch.

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Santa Fe de Antioquia Pueblo Patrimonio de Colombia
Photo: @luisgomezll

Getting to Santa Fe de Antioquia is very easy, you just have to take a bus from the North Terminal of Medellín, the ticket to Santa Fe costs approximately $11.000 COP and the travel time is 1 hour and a half.

Here you can book your 1-day visit with transportation, guide and lunch included from $99.000 COP.


Hotel Mariscal Robledo Santa Fe de Antioquia
Hotel Mariscal Robledo

In this beautiful little town of Antioquia you can find very good hostels and hotels, so we recommend you take a look at the Casa de Verano Santa Fé Hostel, Green Nomads Hostel, Hotel Mariscal Robledo, Hotel Colonial Nueva Granada and Hotel Arena Santa Fe.

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San Carlos Pueblos de Medellín
Photo: @u_nite

San Carlos is also one of the beautiful towns of Antioquia, known as the sweet coast of eastern Antioquia, since apart from its average temperature of 23ºC, it is also bathed by various rivers and streams that make this destination an ideal place to rest.

In San Carlos you can visit its main square, visit the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, and you can also visit places of nature, such as the La Cascada trail, where there are two waterfalls with crystalline waters.

Cascada de San Carlos
Photo: @littleritobigworld
Sendero de la Piedra del Tabor San Carlos
Photo: @cristian_camilo31

Other activities in San Carlos Antioquia are visiting the Piedra del Tabor, a gigantic rock that is known as the second largest stone in Colombia after that of Guatapé, which to reach it you must make an 11-kilometer walk in which you will pass by amid the thick vegetation and some waterfalls.

Very close to the Piedra del Tabor you reach the Pasitos del Niño Dios waterfall, and to get there you must take a walk bordering the Iraca gorge that is born in the Tabor path, this walk is not suitable for older adults or people with reduced mobility, since the path is a bit smooth.

Pueblos de Antioquia cerca a Medellín
Photo: @cyatsang
Mejores ríos de Antioquia
Photo: @spanish_adventure

Keep in mind that San Carlos is 2 hours from Guatapé and 1 hour from San Rafael, so a very good idea may be to travel by car, spend the night in Guatapé, then go to San Rafael and end up exploring the rivers of San Carlos.

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Como llegar a San Carlos Antioquia
Photo: @u_nite

San Carlos is 3 and a half hours from Medellín, and if you want to go by bus you can go to the North Transport Terminal of Medellín, and get tickets with the company Coonorte from $22.000 COP.

In San Carlos you can find lodgings that offer double rooms from $70,000 COP, some within and others around the town and among which you can choose are the Hotel Campestre La Cascada, Casa La Colina and Hostería La Cascada.

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Urrao pueblos de Antioquia
Photo: @josepaucar11

Urrao is one of the largest towns in Antioquia, it is located at 1.080 meters at sea level and during your trip you will be able to see the beautiful landscape that lets you see a bit of the Páramo del Sol, if you are lucky you will also be able to see the National Park Natural Orchids.

The Orquídeas National Natural Park is not possible to access since it is closed to the public, but the Páramo del Sol is a beautiful natural area that you can visit, of course with all the respect it deserves and taking great care of its environmental impact.

Páramo del Sol Urrao
Photo: @jeniferleealvarez
Colibrí en páramo del Sol
Photo: @parzudak

In any case, the unmissable plan in Urrao is to visit its paramo, which reaches a maximum height of 4.080 meters above sea level, for which it is colloquially known as the roof of Antioquia.

In the Páramo del Sol it is possible to find camping areas, but it is necessary that you go in the company of a local guide, a guide that you can hire in Urrao and who will take you on a demanding ascent of up to 3 days, where you can observe hundreds of birds and hummingbirds, many gorges and a valley of frailejones that shines with the rays of the sun.

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Urrao paraíso escondido
Photo: @alboradas_ocasos_y_vendavales

If you wanted to visit Urrao, you just have to go to the North or South Transport Terminal of Medellín, where you can board buses that take about 4 hours to arrive and charge each way from $30.000 COP.

In Urrao you can stay at the Hotel Colonial Urrao, Finca Las Araucarias and at the Finca Hotel Villa Laura.

Book farm in Urrao


Sonsón Antioquia cómo llegar
Photo: @juanchoaguirrep

3 hours from Medellín is Sonsón, in eastern Antioquia. Sonsón limits the west with the department of Caldas, and if you are lucky and the day is clear, you can see the neighboring municipality of Aguadas.

Sonsón is one of those little visited tourist sites in Antioquia, which has an enormous wealth of heritage represented in its historic center, so if you decide to visit this Antioquia town, the first thing you should do is walk its streets in search of history.

Corregimientos y veredas de Sonsón
Photo: @juanchoaguirrep
Cavernas de mármol en el corregimiento La Danta Sonsón
Photo: @ruahugo

Sonsón is one of the towns of Antioquia that has an interesting cultural offer, since it has its own network of museums and centers dedicated to spreading and preserving the history of the city, among which the Fiesta del Maíz Museum and the Casa de the grandparents.

And of course, if you love nature, you can visit the township of La Danta, which although it belongs to Sonsón, is faster to get from Medellín or from Doradal, Puerto Triunfo. In La Danta you will find a dream place, where intriguing marble caves and waterfalls that captivate everyone’s attention.

Turismo en Sonsón Antioquia
Photo: @jonathancarmon

In addition, with much respect, you can visit the Sonsón paramo, a beautiful ecological reserve on the Central mountain range at 3,350 meters above sea level, an unmissable place, where a large number of rivers and streams that feed the Magdalena river are born.

Recommended tour | Excursion to Sonsón, La Ceja and La Unión, includes round-trip transportation from your hotel in Medellín, tour of the historic center of Sonsón, La Ceja and La Unión, visit to the Sonsón paramo and food.

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Corregimiento La Danta
Photo: @jonathancarmon

To get to Sonsón from Medellín, you must board a bus at the North Transport Terminal, the road trip can take around 3 hours and the bus will cost around $22.000 COP.

Remember, La Danta is a township of Sonsón but it is so far from the urban area, that the best way is to travel directly from Medellín or Doradal, Puerto Triunfo. In Sonsón you can stay at the Maravilla Hotel Boutique or at Casa de Carmen.

Book a room in Sonsón


San Pedro de los Milagros turismo
Photo: @3wilmar

San Pedro is to the north of the department of Antioquia, at a height of 2.475 meters above sea level, and along with the municipalities of Entrerríos, Belmira and Santa Rosa de Osos it integrates the milk route.

San Pedro de los Milagros is one of the cold weather towns of Antioquia, since its average temperature is 16ºC, cool enough to walk around the town and visit the beautiful Minor Basilica of the Lord of Miracles and the main square.

San Pedro de los Milagros Antioquia
Photo: @alex.vargas83
San Pedro de los Milagros iglesia
Photo: @clicknicolasgiraldo

St. Peter’s Basilica is itself a beautiful architectural work decorated in gold and silver, inside it preserves some works of art, and a replica of Michelangelo’s Pietà del Vaticano, which according to art curators, is one of the best replicas that exist in the world.

And although this pretty little town paisa is a very Catholic and religious place, just 1 hour away by road is the Riogrande II Dam, a quiet place in the middle of a pine forest, far from the noise of the city, a destination ideal to rest and enjoy the green landscape.

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Represas de Antioquia
Photo: @ese.martinez90

To get to San Pedro de los Milagros you must board a bus at the North Transport Terminal of Medellín, the journey takes 1 hour and a half, and the cost of the passage per route can be obtained from $6.500 COP.

In San Pedro de los Milagros you can spend a quiet weekend, and stay at the Chalet Suizo, Finca Hotel Nutabes, Hotel El Faro or at Hotel Santorino Village.

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Santorini colombiano
Photo: @santiago___marquez

Doradal is a district of Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia, a small place known for being very close to the Claro river nature reserve, and for being home to the La Aldea neighborhood or the Santorini paisa.

La Aldea or the Colombian Santorini, is a small neighborhood where its narrow and cobbled streets, its white facades and its architecture will transport you to the Mediterranean. An amazing place that will amaze lovers of urban photography.

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Hotel Aldea Plaza
Hotel Aldea Plaza

La Aldea, the Colombian Santorini, is next to the road that leads from Medellín to Bogotá, if you go in the direction Medellín to Bogotá you simply have to get to the township of Doradal and when the urban area begins you should turn left.

At La Aldea, you can spend the night at Hotel Aldea Plaza, a beautiful Greek island-style venue and a great starting point to enjoy this Santorini-inspired neighborhood. Within 15 minutes you can stay in the middle of nature at Los Colores Eco Park. Los Colores Eco Parque.

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San Pedro de los Milagros pueblos fríos de Antioquia
Photo: @diego.osornof

And you wanted to visit one of these towns in Antioquia, this can be an excellent opportunity to stop in Medellín and take this Free tour of the center, go to the Arví Park or take this guided tour of the most emblematic points.

Also, if you plan to take a couple of days to explore the city, you can spend the night at Los Patios Hostal Boutique, Rango Hostal Boutique o Selina Hostel, they are all excellent and well priced.


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