eBook Travel Guide Colombia 2019

$15.000 $12.000

eBook Travel Guide Colombia 2019

$15.000 $12.000

Author: Travelgrafía

Format: PDF eBook

Pages: 390 pages

Edition: 2019

Languages: English and Spanish

With this interactive travel guide, which includes National Parks, Heritage Towns and the most beautiful and unexplored nature destinations in Colombia, you will get to know outdoor adventure plans, culture, fauna and flora observation and practical tips for safe travel.

An excellent digital book that you can carry on your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

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In this 2019 Travel Guide you will find useful tips, itineraries and fully updated and detailed information, with prices, direct links to reservations and schedules of more than 90 Colombian destinations.

In each destination we will show you how to get there, what to do and where you can stay, so you can travel on your own. We will also recommend tours that will make your trip more complete and cheaper.

At the end of your purchase you will receive by mail the link from which you can download the eBook in your preferred language.

Available in English and Spanish.

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