Villa San Benito Abad Colombia

AUTHOR: Maria de los Angeles Tirado

Go to the Villa San Benito Abad has become a destination for pilgrimage and disconnection. It is only 51 km from Sincelejo, the capital of Sucre, being the Villa a miraculous reference in the Caribbean.

San Jorge River

The calms waters of San Jorge bathe this extensive land and allow the transit of miles of canoes to other towns with a large presence of agricultural products such as banana, name, cassava and of course, fish.

One sunday, I decided to visit these lands of the Savannah, my plan was to take some pictures of landscapes and people.

I left by car with my family from the municipality of Sampués in Sucre, which borders the Villa to the north, approximately 32 km. Passing through Galeras and El Roble, which are small towns with large areas that have been growing thanks to livestock.

Ciénaga Villa San Benito Abad

The trip began, it was fresh, we enjoyed every breeze, every green around us, an inspiring way, we listened to Carlos Vives and I concentrated anxiously with the camera in my hand to begin to know, to feel and to portray.

After 45 minutes we arrived! Fortunately, the road that leads to the Villa is in excellent condition, we enter and go to the central square where the famous Minor Basilica of the Lord of Miracles is located.

A beautiful religious site that every year receives thousands of believers to entrust their requests to the redeeming Christ, the Sunday Eucharist is celebrated and we remain to witness it.

Minor Basilica of the Lord of miracles

There were too many people and it was a lot of pretension on my part to try to capture the interior of the Basilica because passing between people was very difficult. I continued to the altar and there was a huge line of people with petitions on slips of paper.

The line advanced quickly and you will witness from a distance the imposing sanctuary inside a large glass box, Wonderful! an intense sensation, many others surround him, they touched him, others just looked puzzled, then, apart from the camera, I began to listen and give thanks for that moment.

Fisherman in the Ciénaga de la Villa San Benito Abad

The exit of the sanctuary leads to the back of the Basilica, I left there a little more inspired, I crossed the square, I started taking a couple of photos, the fried rich neighborhood and I took a cold oatmeal for the heat that You feel in the Villa.

Ciénaga de la Villa San Benito Abad

My father wanted to go to the edge of the city that really is the port of the Villa. In times of rain it is totally full and it makes it easier for fishermen to collect their daily sustenance and take them to their destination and also the inhabitants can move to neighboring townships.

Despite the inclement sun, we wanted to stay a while in the slab watching, talking until noon to enjoy a fish food.

Fisherman in the Ciénaga de la Villa San Benito Abad

He gave us lunch and we returned a cake, we went through several products offering the best lunch and the best service. Only three tables on the terrace and an unbeatable view of San Jorge was enough to stay and enjoy a bocachico stew with agua panela, salad, white rice and patacón.

Villa San Benito Abad comprises most of the savanna territory of the department of Sucre, its mayor fluvial artery feeds with its waters a number of pipes, swamps and the San Jorge River, unique in passing through the municipality from north to south.

Boat in the Ciénaga of the Villa San Benito Abad

After 4 hours of our trip, we decided to return by the same road that leads to the city of Sincelejo that as I said initially, is 51 km away.

View of the San Jorge River

Without a doubt, this was a fascinating experience, that little by little was changing a course that was only photographic and became a total disconnection of the soul, to enjoy the beautiful savannah, the still waters of the river, and to feel because the Villa San Benito Abad is the blessed land of the miraculous.


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Maria de los Angeles Tirado

Maria de los Angeles Tirado

Sucreña, Administradora de Negocios de profesión y fotógrafa por pasión.

Desde que encontré la felicidad al lado de un cámara fotográfica, entendí que debía compartir cada lugar que he recorrido, capturarlo y hacerlo mágico. Colombia tiene lugares hermosos que aun faltan por explorar, los invito a que conozcan nuestro hermoso país y que se deleiten con cada aventura.

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