Usiacurí: handmade

AUTHOR: Xavier Avila

Located among hills and ridges, with greenery in its gardens and trinitaria (wild pansies) flowers that give colorful to its houses you will find Usiacurí.

Typical house of Usiacurí
Typical house of Usiacurí, Atlántico.

Usiacurí is kown as the manger from the Atlantic because its landscape is like a Christmas manger, but with a special characteristic, here the handicrafts are made with palm of iraca (plant fiber), is the livelihood of many families that knitting underpins an ancestral tradition learned from the indigenous who inhabited the region.

Man with iraca palm
Man with iraca palm.
Woman knitting
Woman knitting.

You can get Usiacurí by car from Baranoa or Sabanalarga. The “Musa Tejedora” (Knitting muse) welcomes you, this is a monument made of stainless steel, which commemorates the handicraft tradition of the town.

Later, a road of multicolor cobbles will take you to the center of the town where you will see the Santo Domingo church over the hill, to get the cusp one have to climb some stairs surrounded by palms and chorales, a place where one can see the town geography.

Usiacurí church
Usiacurí church, Atlántico.

In its streets, one find multicolor houses where the handicrafts made with iraca palm are sold, products like bags, coffers, hand fans, and a lot of things more the creative women’s of the place made.

Handicrafts made of iraca palm
Handicrafts made of iraca palm.
Handicrafts made of iraca palm
Handicrafts made of iraca palm.

POET OF THE HOMELAND, “In the midst of the trees my house, under the dense flowering branches, appears to the eyes of the one passing by like a fragrant and delicious nest.” Julio Flórez

When leaving the church you should visit the house of the poet Julio Flórez, the poet of the country, who died in the town and went to live there in search of the medicinal waters that are in the town.

Casa Museo Julio Florez, Usiacurí, Atlántico.
Casa Museo Julio Florez, Usiacurí, Atlántico.

Julio Flórez arrived in Usiacurí in 1909 where married Petrona Moreno and had 5 children, nowadays its house is conserved as a cultural interest of the nation, and here is a museum surrounded by gardens and full of and unique artistic magic, in the house his belongings are saved and things related to his work.

In this house bohemian nights with music and the best of the poetry take place.

Museum house Julio Flórez
Museum house Julio Flórez, Usiacurí, Atlántico.

Nearby, a natural path and a streambed lead to the water wells that made Usiacurí famous in the 20thcentury, with the assistance of a guide one can see the mineral properties from these waters and the beauty of the surrounding dry forest, one cannot drink these waters but they are used for a lot of treatments.

Natural path
Natural path.
Mineral well
Mineral well.

You should explore Usiacurí by foot because in its streets you can find its inhabitants riding donkeys, or just pass nearby a house and see the people knitting the handicrafts or observe the landscape and see the Guájaro dam in the distance and the greenery from the forest.

horse in streets
Casa tipica de Usiacurí

Usiacurí have the Natural reserve of Luriza, a magic place surrounded by gigantic trees and howler monkeys with mineral water wells, you can get Luriza by foot with the help of a guide, which will show the routes and the rich landscape from the reserve.

Natural reserve Luriza
Natural reserve Luriza

In this little corner of the Caribbean, the sky and the poetry becomes one single thing, and the magic is not only in the hands of the artisans is also in the heart of the travelers who visit the manger of the Atlantic.


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Xavier Avila

Xavier Avila

Abogado e historiador, miembro de número de la Academia de Historia de Barranquilla y del Centro de Historia de Sabanalarga, director de la Casa de la Cultura de Sabanalarga (2014-2016) y gestor cultural.

Amante de la fotografía como arte complementario de la historia.

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