12 Epic hiking trails to do in Colombia

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We know that if you are a lover of hiking, planning a trip requires a lot of effort and one of the most frequent questions that arise is where to go hiking in Colombia? Here we simplify your life and we answer what are the best walks in Colombia.


One of the best ecological walks near Bogotá is this beautiful waterfall that is located on the route that leads to Coachí only 1 hour and a half from the capital.

La chorrera waterfall - Cundinamarca
Photo: Fursty

La Chorrera waterfall has a drop of 590 meters that will leave you perplexed by its greatness, walking up to it will take you on a pleasant journey through a small forest and an incredible view of the surrounding mountains.

La chorrera waterfall - Cundinamarca
Photo: Alenadorsch
Man practicing hiking in Colombia
Photo: Davidviajero_

The walk is relatively easy and it is a trip that can be done perfectly in one day, reaching the entrance of El Chiflón it can take you about 45 minutes and approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes go to the bottom of La Chorrera.

La chorrera waterfall - Cundinamarca
Photo: Luis Alveart

It is definitely a walk that is worth doing, connect with nature and be amazed by it in just one day will recharge you with energy.


If you are going to visit the Tayrona National Park in one day, we recommend you to start the trail by the entrance of El Calabazo, the hike is a bit demanding but you do not have to be an athlete to do it, just demand that you have a willingness to do it.

Sunset in the Tayrona
Photo: Chris Ford
Ancient sacred road of Tayrona
Photo: Mig Pascual

It is one of the best hiking trails in Colombia, it is approximately 2 hours which you can take to pass through the mountains of the park until you reach Pueblito Chairama, a national monument and sacred site for indigenous peoples.

Pueblito Chairama Tayrona
Photo: McKay Savage

After this the road changes and the atmosphere is different, the big rocks take over the path and jumping between one and the other generates a lot of adrenaline.

Rocky path in Tayrona park
Photo: McKay Savage
Hiking in the Tayrona park
Photo: McKay Savage

You will pass through the rainforest until you finally reach the beautiful beaches of Tayrona, and that will be your reward for all the effort and the long road.

Beach with couple hiking in Colombia
Photo: Nanocalvo

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El Cocuy has 15 peaks that are at least 5,000 meters, the highest of which is Ritacuba Blanco at 5,330 meters, perfect scenario for hiking in Colombia.

El Cocuy National Natural Park
Photo: Mariortizacost

The trip to the Cocuy will leave you amazed with its landscapes, its 150 lagoons and about 80 rivers and streams, a reserve in which animals like the spectacled bear, the puma and the white-tailed deer inhabit.

View to the peaks of El Cocuy Natural Park
Photo: Neotropicall

To ascend to the peaks you must dedicate a few days, although to make this circuit you must first check with Colombian Natural Parks before traveling because to protect it you have closed it several times.

Photo: Mariortizacost

There are two seasons that are identified as the best to visit the park: between July and August and from December to February. You can stay at El Cocuy and then continue your adventure to Monguí, Boyacá.


To get from Barichara to Guane you will have to cross the Camino Real, they are a little more than 8 kilometers that separate the two populations, the road can last between 1 and 2 hours depending on the walker.

Camino Real between Barichara and Guane
Photo: Ednamortegui

The hiking trips in Colombia are tasty, but this one is particularly made for lovers of tranquility and silence.

Road full of trees

The road through these beautiful villages is dotted with cactus, flowering trees and herds of goats, yes, try to walk it early in the morning because then the sun warms at about 35 degrees and it will be more difficult to reach the end.

Hiking along the Camino Real
Photo: Andreas Philipp

To travel the Camino Real is like going a bit through the history of the roads where Cacique Guanentá traveled, since we are talking about how this road dates back to 1867.

Streets of Guane
Photo: Andreas Philipp

Once you get to Guane, you can walk it in about 10 minutes, it sounds exaggerated but it is that this town is smaller and loner than Barichara, but it is worth knowing it.

-> Find hostel in Barichara


A couple of hours departing from the capital of Guanía on a tour of the waters of the Inírida River rise in the distance the collection of giant granite monoliths, the Cerros de Mavecure that rise above the river.

Cerros de Mavecure
Photo: Luis Alveart
Camping Mavecure hills
Photo: Lumaos

It is one of the most jungle trekking places in Colombia and perhaps one of the least visited. You can only climb 1 of the 3 hills, the smallest, the Mavecure, the walk to climb it can last a couple of hours because it is a little complicated, but once you reach the top, the view rewards everything.

View area of Mavecure hills
Photo: Morocottopo
Mavecure hills
Photo: Luis Alveart

Another of the hills that can also be climbed is El Diablo, for this requires a little more physical condition, here the time of travel between round trip can last between 3 to 4 hours from El Remanso, the indigenous people of the Puinave.


Departing from the city of Manizales early in the day begins the road trip to the entrance to the National Park Los Nevados, one of the most complete patches of hiking in Colombia.

Snow in the snowy Santa Isabel
Photo: Karinacujer
Moor in the snowy Santa Isabel
Photo: Juanes3h

Because the summit of the Nevado de Santa Isabel has a height of 5,075 meters above sea level, and although the road to ascend to its summit can last only two days, it is necessary to heat the body to reach it.

Nevado Santa Isabel
Photo: Juanjose.moreno.127

During the tour you will pass through the base camp where the corresponding acclimatization will take place over 4,000 meters above sea level, and then you will arrive at the Otún Lagoon, in a 12 km route, returning to this place to spend the night there.

Nevado Santa Isabel
Photo: Chachanpg

Already the next day you will follow the path and get ready to start the ascent to the glacier that can last about an hour and a half to the top, everything depends on the physical conditions of each one.


The road to the End of the World is at kilometer 6 of the road that connects the town of Villagarzón and Mocoa.

The End of the World waterfall Putumayo
Photo: Efrabotero

Some of the ecological trails up to the waterfalls are of a medium degree of difficulty, the ascent starts quiet, and the requirement depends on the inclination of some stretches, but with will and step of each walker can be achieved.

Cascada Fin del Mundo Mocoa
Photo: Jupsy_the_gipsy

The End of the world is composed of 3 waterfalls, in the first two you can jump from the center, yes, the second is the one that has a wider space and you can swim in it, so for nothing in the world stop doing it, It will be a refreshing bath after an extensive walk.

Tree house in the Paway Reserve
Tree House in Paway Reserve. Photo: Viviana Oquendo

The third waterfall is the main one, and it is quite impressive, the waters that fall with great force will leave you perplexed but eager to stay admiring it.

Waterfall End of the World aerial view
The End of the World Waterfall. Photo: Serak_m

And it is in the End of the World waterfall where the trail ends, on its rocks you can lie down and watch the water fall more than 70 meters high.

Tree house in the Paway Reserve
Tree house in the Paway Reserve. Photo: Viviana Oquendo

End your day by spending the night in the treehouse of the Paway Nature Reserve, check here your prices and book.


The degree of difficulty for the ascent to the Nevado del Tolima is high and you must be careful to get lost, so if you dare to go up with him, follow the recommendations of the guides very well.

Sunset from the top of the Nevado del Tolima
Photo: Hectorobles100
Senderismo por el nevado del Tolima
Photo: Nico_navia

This Nevado is actually a Volcano in the Central Mountain Range and to get to its top you have many ecological sendereos and maybe one of the most interesting is the one that starts from the Cocora Valley. A less strong route on a physical level, but at the same time of resistance, like any walk in Colombia.

Nevado del Tolima one of the best hiking trails in Colombia
Photo: Nonword10

During the tour you must make stops in the camps and you must stay overnight to go air conditioning the body as the height increases.

Photo: Hectorrobles100

Its sum at 5.215 m. It is a demanding goal that can be achieved with effort and will in three or four days.

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The Peak is located in the middle of Providencia Island at 360 meters above sea level, and is one of the few places in Colombia where the tropical dry forest remains practically intact.

Panoramic from Providence Peak
Photo: Celinnedacosta
View from Providence Peak
Photo: Luis Alveart

Here several springs of the island are born that combined form the basin and main source of fresh water of the island.

The Caribbean Sea and its 7 colors
Photo: Keepeyesopen

If you are going to upload it do it with a guide and although its ascent is not of great difficulty if it is necessary to do it with someone who knows the zone.

Vegetation of Providence Island
Photo: Luis Alveart

In the end the reward will be to appreciate the reefs from above and see the clear difference of shades of the Caribbean sea, and why not, enjoy a bit of achievement and the breeze that you feel in the height.


Located in Salento and surrounded by lots of wax palms, the largest palm in the world with a height of up to 60 meters, and located amid the misty green hills, the Cocora Valley is visited by locals and travelers alike. the world.

Hiking in the Cocora Valley
Photo: Chris Ford
Hiking in the Cocora Valley
Photo: Keepeyesopen

To ascend to this Valley does not generate great difficulty, it is a rather smooth walk if it is done at a calm pace, you do not need to arrive very fast.

Bird watching in the Cocora Valley
Photo: Adampiest

The plan is to enjoy the way, admire the landscape and the birds that arrive quickly for the freshness of the place, also the trip can be done in a day if you are staying in Salento.

Stay for a night or two at Lili House Hostel and feel like a local.


To get to the Puracé National Natural Park you must go first to Popayán, it is the closest city to this one and from there, in the Puente del Humilladero, the buses depart that will take you to the nearest entrance to the Park.

Signboard at the entrance to the Puracé Nature Park
Photo: Datorres89
Condor of the Andes in Puracé Park
Photo: George Kazantzopoulos

The Puracé has several ecological trails and degrees of difficulty for its ascent, so if you plan to visit it you should consider the following:

Photo: Datorres89
Hiking in Puracé
Photo: Datorres89

The Orquídeas trail has about 800 meters, and its degree of difficulty is very low.

The trail to the Puracé volcano has a distance of 7 km, and its degree of difficulty is medium.

Person hiking in Colombia
Photo: Catalina_per

The waterfall trail of San Nicolás has 2 km, and a medium degree of difficulty.

Puracé National Park
Photo: Ibiojo

Finally, the Volcanic Chain trail has 6.5 km, and a high degree of difficulty.

A hostel: Hostel Caracol, spend the night there and you can get a bicycle to visit the historic center during the day and the next day the Puracé gets up early.


Lost City is one of the greatest archaeological treasures of South America, the adventure here is the road, its water sources and the infernal humidity.

View with drone of Lost City
Photo: Thescienceoftravel
View with drone of Lost City
New World (Awuindua). Photo: Thescienceoftravel

The trip starts at one hour from Santa Marta at the entrance to Ciudad Perdida known as La Aguacatera, once there you will get on all terrain about 12 kilometers to El Mamey and here if the adventure begins.

Hiking through Lost City
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

The level of walking is quite demanding, so it is always advisable to have a minimum physical condition, because if you go on an organized tour of 4 days you will have to walk between 7 and 10 hours per day.

Suspension bridge
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

In total they are approximately 31 miles round trip, going through difficult terrains, incredible landscapes, sting of mosquitoes and insects.

People walking on the river
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

But in the end, after about three days walking and suffering a little at the same time, you reach the foot of the impressive staircase of 1,200 steps that gives access to the Lost City.

Lost City Terraces
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

Because we want you to enjoy the trip without putting your life at risk, remember to comply with the standards required in these places, follow the recommendations of the guides before and during the trip, join tours to go as a group and so enjoy your travels to the fullest hiking in Colombia.

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