Sitionuevo and Nueva Venecia, Magdalena

AUTHOR: Yoicy Vargas Rachath

When you get to Sitionuevo, Magdalena, it is not possible to look away from such a colorful municipality, and its streets, houses and even stores are full of life.


Sitionuevo is a peculiar town of the Magdalena department, of ancient architecture, its houses are thatched roofs, of those that in the XXI century can not be seen, streets without pavement, of those that when it rains become the mere neighborhood.

Houses roof huts

And not to mention its people, it is said that they are boar people, hardworking, willing to help, people who inspire more and more visits.

A curious fact of Sitionuevo is that when it was founded, it had been called Santa Cruz De Pizarro, later it was renamed Santa Cruz de San José and finally remaining as a fixed name was Sitionuevo.


Currently there are two ways to get to Sitionuevo, there is a land route and another by the Magdalena River.

Land route, if parts from Barranquilla would take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Church of Sitionuevo

Waterway would go to the village Sabanalarga in the department of the Atlantic, then take a Jhonson or chalupa, the Johnson has a cost of $ 2,000 COP and the chalupa a cost of $ 5,000 COP, the journey lasts 45 minutes. A disadvantage of the Johnson is that in this you have to wait until it is full, as with 20 people, instead the boat does not.

But in this last form of water transport, you have to deal with a large group so that the boat can take you fast.

Sabanalarga in chalupa

Once in Sitionuevo, you can take a motocarro that can take you anywhere in the municipality or you can choose to walk.


Currently in Sitionuevo there are 2 hotels, but based on my experience, if i want to stay in the municipality i resort to stay in a house in the municipality, people have an attitude of constant help, which makes you feel in a family atmosphere, It is a recommended option.

Sir sitting in the door of his house in Sitionuevo


Sitionuevo to be a municipality that is near the Magdalena River, is a place where it rains constantly but not being the case, do not forget to bring these tools to walk the streets:

✅ Cap or hat to cover the sun
✅ Sunscreen since there is not much tree planted
✅ Comfortable shoes, streets have holes and so on
✅ Non-white clothing
✅ Good hydration
✅ Wet cloths, in the town there is a lot of dust, which causes one to end up with a black face


In December, on the 22nd to be exact in 2017, visit Nueva Venecia, Sitionuevo’s villages.

House in Sitionuevo on the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta
Casas de Nueva Venecia

I started my travel together with several friends, it is supposed that the ideal thing to travel is to know everything about that place, but the only data we had from Nueva Venecia was that it is a town on water, in which houses are made of wood, people are transported in canoes and that to arrive is in Johnson, we started the trip without knowing the schedules of the Johnson, and that was the problem.

We left Sabanagrande at 10:30 a.m and Sitionuevo at 11:10 a.m, there we took a motocarro to go to the morro or port of the municipality. We lasted approximately 45 minutes.

Nueva Venecia town on water

Just when we arrived at the dock the Johnson had gone 5 minutes ago, which made us wait until another came, until there was no mess, the problem was that the other Johnson was coming at 2:30 pm and it was barely 11:55 am, there was nothing to wait and wait for.

It was 2:30 p.m. and nothing that arrived, then, 3:10 p.m. and so on until 3:30 p.m. when we saw the means of transportation arrived, we arrived in Nueva Venecia at 3:58 p.m., evidently it was already late, and that was the last Johnson, that is, there was no way to return us.

People living in Nueva Venecia

However, for that to be done we had to pay more for it to be, another event was that in Nueva Venecia there is no telephone signal, so it is difficult to make a call or something.

We only had to last 35 minutes in Nueva Venicia since it was late and it was difficult to transport at night.

Woman sailing in chalupa

As it was December, we had planned to take some gifts, such as toys, clothes, shoes, and so on, besides we decided to take food for the animals.

Dog of the place

It took me by surprise as domestic animals such as dogs and cats, have developed their aquatic ability, that is, they throw themselves in the water to swim and thus transport themselves from one place to another.

Dog swimming in Nueva Venecia bog

The houses of Nueva Venecia have striking colors, these range from primary to secondary colors.

Nueva Venecia police station

Nueva Venecia has an interactive classroom for students, a soccer field, where you can also play volleyball and basketball, also has a Catholic church, where every day at 10:30 am and at 7:30 pm there is a mass, with a police station with 24 hour service.

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