A trip across the magical realism

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Colombia is much more than you think, it is a country where in every corner you will find expressions of magical realism manifested in unexplored paradises, unique and unrepeatable places.

If you are Colombian or you are visiting, be assured that there is no need to travel far to move between different landscapes, to cross mountains, plains, jungles, seas, rivers, flavors, colors and cultures.

Start with the sea of ​​7 colors in Cayo Cangrejo, Providencia.

Cayo Cangrejo en la isla Providencia
Photo: Ignacia Azócar

Go back to San Andres and discover the hidden side of the island.

Beaches of San Luis in San Andrés
Photo: Diana Marroquín

Land in La Guajira and arrive on your own at Punta Gallinas and find one of the most instagrammable places in Colombia, pure magical realism.

El Cabo de la Vela
Photo: Federico Disegni
Punta Gallinas es realismo mágico
Photo: Julia Oborne

Try to ride the skirts of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal peak in the world.

Mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Photo: Kata Martínez

Rent a float and take a dip in the Palomino river.

Person sailing the Palomino river in float
Photo: Hâfi Martinsdóttir

Continue south towards Magdalena, the fantastic beaches of Tayrona are waiting for you.

Tayrona Beach
Photo: Photo: David Shankbone

You have it easy here is a guide to travel the Tayrona and not fail in the attempt.

Then discover the Lost City, the most lost of all. An unmissable destination in Colombia.

View of the Lost City
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck
Typical houses of Lost City
Photo: Nuria Mpascual

Relax in Taganga, the sunsets are brutal, worthy of the country of magical realism.

Sunset in Taganga
Photo: María Paula Cárdenas

Take a ferry that will take you back in time and leave you at Mompox.

Man riding a bicycle in Mompox
Photo: Luis Alfredo Dominguez Hazbun
Santa Barbara Mompox Church
Photo: Andrés Felipe Navarro

Lose yourself with your bicycle among the streets of Getsemaní.

Getsemani street with boy riding bicycle
Photo: Jcco_photography
Mural in Getsemaní
Photo: Austin Vegas
Mural in Getsemaní
Photo: Alitacaligari

And obviously it goes through the Walled City.

Terraces of Cartagena de Indias
Photo: Roberto Meza

Take a jump to Barichara and go hiking on the royal road to Guane.

Church of Barichara
Photo: Michael Keen
Photo: Carlos Espejo

Walk around Chicamocha and look for extreme sports in San Gil.

Panoramic of the Chicamocha Canyon
Photo: Photo: Traveling Salseros

Take your time to climb the Nevado el Cocuy.

Travelers traveling through the Cocuy mountain
Photo: Gustavo Acosta A
Frailejones in the Cocuy
Photo: Photo: YoTuT

Go through Norte de Santander and visit the Estoraques in La Playa de Belén.

Playa de Belén surrounded by Estoraques
Photo: Mr. Charles
Unique Area los Estoraques
Photo: Jessie Rivera
Estoraques seen from above
Photo: Mr. Charles

Villa de Leyva, always unmissable.

Plaza de Villa de Leyva
Photo: vogliounavitainhavaianas

It arrives until Monguí and knows the páramo of Ocetá, the cutest one of the world.

Frailejones of the páramo de Ocetá
Photo: Haceme un 14

Do not wait for Holy Week to raise a prayer in the salt mine of Zipaquirá..

Interior of the salt cathedral of Zipaquira
Photo: Nigel Burgher

Look for some ghosts in the Tequendama Falls.

Tequendama waterfall
Haceme un 14

Climb the more than 700 steps to reach the top of Piedra del Peñol.

Piedra del peñol
Photo: Mario Enrique Veléz Toro

Take a tour of the colorful streets of Guatapé.

Colorful street of Guatapé
Photo: Mario Enrique Veléz Toro

Cross the Cauca River through the Puente de Occidente in Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Puente de Occidente
Photo: Mario Enrique Veléz Toro

Walk through the Cocora Valley, palms and magical realism everywhere.

Sunset in the Cocora Valley
Photo: Floris Daverveldt

Disembark in the Pacific in search of the contrasts between the jungle and the sea.

Arusí Chocó
Photo: Aldona Jakšta
Sunset in Nuquí
Photo: Photo: Álvaro Ramírez

Do not forget that from July to October, whales come and other creatures such as dolphins and turtles.

Humpback whale in the Colombian Pacific
Photo: Gustavo Acosta A

Discover that the Pacific Chocó also has Atlantic.

Capurganá Beach
Photo: Braybraywoowoo

Dive PRO level in Malpelo.

Sunset in Malpelo
Photo: Rodrigo Bernal

Admire the geography and architecture of one of the most beautiful churches in the world, the Sanctuary of Las Lajas.

Santuario Nuestra Señora de las Lajas
Photo: Diego Delso

It travels Popayán, the White City of Colombia.

Streets of Popayán
Photo: Miguel Varona
Sunset in Popayán
Photo: Miguel Varona

Take advantage of your passage through the Cauca to explore the Puracé National Natural Park in search of the Andes Condor.

Puracé hot springs
Photo: David Alejandro Cabrera

Walk to the very End of the World in Mocoa.

End of the World Waterfall
Photo: Julie-Ann Dupré

Go to Cerro Azul, the lost treasure of Guaviare.

Pictograms of Cerro Azul
Photo: Cristian Hernández Jiménez

Fly over Chiribiquete.

Serranía de Chiribiquete
Photo: Steve Winter
Serranía de Chiribiquete
Photo: Gonzalo Sánchez

Cross the desert of Tatacoa by bicycle.

Desert of the Tatacoa sector of Cuzco
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

Try to tell the colors of Caño Cristales.

River of Caño Cristales Meta
Photo: Pedro Szekely
Caño Cristales Meta
Aquatic textures of the most beautiful river in the world.
Photo: Mario Carvajal 
Algas de Caño Cristales
Photo: Mario Carvajal

Feel like another cowboy in the Casanare.

Llanero Sunset
Photo: Joc Rosas 
Man surfing
Photo: Cesar Rojano
Photo: Gabriel Eisenband

Adventure through El Tuparro National Park, the eighth wonder of the world.

People walking through Tuparro Park
Photo: Lausiv

Climb the legendary Cerros de Mavecure.

Cerros de Mavecure
Photo: Luis Alveart

Travel through the Amazon and in search of new horizons arrives in Puerto Nariño and spot the pink dolphins.

Sailing in search of the pink dolphin in the Amazon
Photo: Davide Monaco
Pink dolphin in the Amazon
Photo: Natumundo

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