5 Reasons to travel to Colombia

AUTHOR: Angelica Marroquín

If you want to live new adventures and look for good reasons to travel to Colombia, let me tell you that visiting this coffee land is awesome because it is simply a medley of experiences.

These are my 5 reasons to travel to Colombia:


One of the best reasons to travel to Colombia is transportation! something so simple but that can be as varied and crazy as you can imagine. Here you can move through rivers, seas, air and land, sometimes in unimaginable ways.

One of the most exotic means of transportation you will find are the Brujitas, and I do not mean any lady, I speak of the means they use to move around in the tropical jungle of the Reserva Natural San Cipriano, in Valle del Cauca.

Brujita on train tracks
Photo: Celine Massa

La Brujita consists of a few tables that are driven by a motorbike that in turn slides down the old train tracks.

This experience is unique, the breeze gently hits your face, lift your hair, cross bridges and abandoned tunnels and while you cross the dense jungle of the Pacific, the premises of the houses next to the railway enjoy your walk.

Chiva Colombiana
Photo: Daniel Echeverri

And like forgetting the queen of all Colombian transports, the Chiva, a giant bus that has been removed windows and doors and is always decorated by hand with designs loaded with color and much folklore.

Riding in chiva is an almost magical experience, since you can contemplate the landscape to the fullest and there is always room for more passengers, whether hanging from the doors or mounted on the roof and do not be surprised if your neighbor is a sack of potatoes or a chicken.

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Another of the best reasons to travel to Colombia is that it is very easy to move between the two tropics.

Hot and humid airs mix and give origin to all the thermal floors, warm, temperate and cold lands, allow us to find regions with páramos, glaciers, jungles and destinations such as the Tatacoa desert or the Sierra Nevada el Cocuy.

El Púlpito del diablo, Sierra nevada del Cocuy
El Púlpito del Diablo, Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy.
Photo: Luis Alveart
Tatacoa desert
Tatacoa Desert, Huila.
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

All this potpourri will force you when planning your trip to Colombia, worry about knowing if you should enlist in your suitcase the shorts for the most beautiful beaches or the scarf for the cold.

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In the Colombian food there is an indigenous, black and Spanish influence, that is why there is a great variety of flavors product of that gastronomic miscegenation.

If you are a lover of fruits, this will definitely be one of the best reasons to travel to Colombia.

Market Square of Bogotá
Market Square of Bogotá
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck

The diversity in this case is manifested in dishes that have up to 9 ingredients, in containers based on banana leaf and secret flavors that reside in an endless number of herbs and condiments unique in the world.

Chickpea dish
Chickpea dish
Photo: Luiz Eduardo

The base of many dishes are rice, potatoes, corn, peas, legumes, meat, yucca, banana and fruits, all totally natural, a party for your mouth.

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Colombia is the second richest country in flora and fauna, in its territory there are about 55,000 species of which almost 3,700 are unique species in the world and I think there are many more to discover in still unexplored landscapes.

Inírida flower, one of the best reasons to travel to Colombia
Flower of Inírida, endemic to the Guainía.
Photo: Allan Drewitt
Howler monkey
Howler monkey.
Photo: Sebastian Moreno

It is incredible to travel Colombia from the north in Punta Gallinas to the Putumayo or Puerto Nariño, because being a tropical country it has a great variety of bird species and landscapes that make it unique.

Another good reason to travel to Colombia is to participate in the Global Big Day and enjoy the country number 1 in birds.


In Colombia for any celebration we throw flour. But what many do not know is that this is done by recalling the revelation of black slaves to whites, a game of friendship between the two races.

Carnival of blacks and whites, Pasto, Nariño.
Photo: Jairo Galvis Henao

In this country of contrasts we have fair and reign for everything and everything we accompany with different musical rhythms such as vallenato, Andean music, salsa, champeta, joropo, bambuco, currulao, popular music and reggaeton fill the streets of life and good reasons to travel to Colombia.

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It’s its people, hardworking people, friendly, here the only sure thing is that if you, my friend, compadre, neighbor, you dare to travel this land, you will never forget it, because once you enter this potpourri you will not want to leave.

Reasons to travel to Colombia
Photo: @gaboeisenband

If these reasons to travel to Colombia left you wanting to visit the first destination, here are some travel guides that will undoubtedly help you plan your first trip to: Monguí, Mompós, Punta Gallinas, El Cocuy, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Parque Tayrona y Fin del Mundo.

Now is your turn! Prepare your trip and discover new reasons to travel to Colombia!

Angelica Marroquín

Angelica Marroquín

Soy una mujer nacida en cuerpo y alma en el trópico, ubicación que ha influenciado mis más grandes pasiones: la bohemia, la lectura, la brisa del ocaso, el verde de la selva, el río, los viajes sin rumbo fijo y el mar.

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