Parque Verde y Agua

AUTHOR: Luis Felipe Pérez

In Fusagasugá Cundinamarca, the garden city of Colombia, only 59 km from Bogota, is the Parque Verde y Agua, a true house of goblins.

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The Parque Verde y Agua is a Natural Park dedicated to the conservation of flora and fauna of the Sumapaz region.

It has 190 fanegadas of land, of which 90 are natural reserves with virgin forests, also with wetlands, water springs, a variety of plants and allows bird watching.

Interior Parque verde y Agua Fusagasuga
Bird watching in the Parque Verde y Agua

Located at Hacienda Cimitarra, 20 minutes from the town center of Fusagasugá, you can climb preferably by foot or by car, it is a steep road but it is worth starting to breathe differently even being so close to a city.

Landscape Parque Verde y Agua

Once inside the Parque Verde y Agua begins a very quiet route through horseshoe trails surrounded by vegetation and a silence that forces the interior encounter.

na vez dentro del se inicia un recorrido muy tranquilo por senderos de herradura rodeados de vegetación y un silencio que obliga al encuentro interior.

Path Parque Verde y Agua

And this is where the first wonder is found, the guardian of the forest: The Tree of Windows.

Árbol de matapalos Parque Verde y Agua

It is a tree of Matapalos, familiar of the rubber, with more than 787.402 inches of height and with more than 130 years of existence, which allows the entrance to its nucleus and to be literally inside the nature.

Inside the window tree

Once inside the tree the feeling is overwhelming, you feel the integration with life, with natural wonders, the importance of taking care of you and above all appreciate what is really ours.


When continuing the journey you will find really thick forests, a huge amount of plants, really huge trees and hummingbirds of all colors.

Flora inside the Parque Agua y Verde
Parque verde y agua fusagasuga
Bird watching

Here you can take a break to rest, meditate or even have a picnic.

Fallen leaves

The pearl of the route is Cascada del Cacique, a waterfall of crystal clear water from the water springs of Cerro Fusacatan, in which, depending on the amount of water that it possesses, it allows the vision of the cacique’s vigilant face.

Cascada del Cacique - Parque Verde y Agua
Cascada del Cacique - Parque Verde y Agua


If your plans are longer term, the hacienda has a large and comfortable camping area and you can even stay at the hostel to admire the sunrise at the viewpoint overlooking the city and Cerro del Quininí.

Sunset in the Parque Verde y Agua

This is a plan for those who want a calm and enriching experience, a plan to enjoy silence, escape from everyday life, a plan of pure peace.

Giant tree

This is an excellent option for people from big cities like Bogotá, where they can download all the pressure and stress, where the pure air recharges of energy and who knows, when they enter their house they may see one or another goblin.


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Luis Felipe Pérez

Luis Felipe Pérez

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