Santurbán Paramo a jewel among the santanderes

AUTHOR: Jefferson Guerrero

The Pámaro de Santurbán is frailejones, water, wildlife, fog, is life. It is where we feel the water in each branch, in each step we take, in the wind, in the lagoons, in the stones, in the top of the mountains, in each bush, it is a magical and ancestral place.

Páramo de Santurbán

The paramos are an ecosystem of vital importance for the world and the páramo de Santurbán is one of the most important in Colombia. From your role as a citizen or traveler you have many reasons to take care of them but here we have gathered only 5 reasons why you should be part of their care:

1) They are vital ecosystems to maintain water cycles. They allow to transform the mist into water resources.

Páramo de Santurbán

2) The paramos present in Colombia represent 50% of the páramos of the world and 70% of Colombia depends directly on the water they generate (one of the most important is the Santurbán Paramo).

3) The paramos are the home of the frailejones. Key endemic species for the capture of water that feeds the water sources.


4) These gifts of nature are home to 17% of the diversity of Colombian flora. 

5) They are key to mitigate climate change, because they help capture carbon and thereby regulate global warming.

Knowing the importance of the paramos and being aware of their care you can build your trip to the Santurbán Paramo, the jewel among the santanderes.


First you must take the road that leads from Bucaramanga to Cucuta until you reach the village of Berlin, this trip takes approximately 2 hours. For me without a doubt, this is the coldest inhabited place in Santander.

Municipality of Vetas, Santander
Municipality of Vetas, Santander
Municipality of Vetas, Santander

Leaving through the sector of the Virgin north of Bucaramanga, you will pass through the Municipalities of Matanza, Suratá and California, until you reach Vetas, one of the oldest municipalities in Santander, and the highest in Colombia, because it is at a height of 3,350 meters above sea level.

Municipality of Vetas, Santander

The route can take 50 minutes leaving from the corregimiento of Berlin, that yes, during the way you will be able to feel the extreme cold, going through carpets of clouds in heights not less than 3,700 meters above sea level.

Being in Vetas it is easy to reach the lagoon complex of the streets, cunta or pajarito in this case; the highest that can be reached by car or motorcycle is the one that is about 3 kilometers from Vetas.

Vegetation of the Santurbán Paramo

If you are going to go in a vehicle, I tell you that in the sector you will find farms where you can leave without any problem, yes, recommending the owners of the farms of their care and if you can pay for their care, you contribute to the economy of the region.


Once you leave your vehicle, just 5 minutes after following the route on foot, you will find Pajarito Lagoon on the way, it will not take you more than 20 minutes to descend to touch its waters.

Pajarito Lagoon
Pajarito Lagoon

But here everything does not end, because if you keep walking along the same path for about 1 hour, you can reach the Lagunar complex of the streets, and getting here is a great achievement.


Now that you know how to get to the Santurbán Paramo and know its importance, I invite you to take into account these 6 recommendations:

✅ Do not pollute the Páramo, it is the reserve of water for the aqueducts of Cúcuta and all that metropolitan area, it is the water that is drunk in Bucaramanga.

Birth of water

✅ Climatiza your body arriving a day before and spending the night in the municipality of Vetas. This will allow you to visit any lagoon from very early.

✅ Do not forget for any reason to use sunscreen (zero aerosols).

Páramo de Santurbán

✅ Wear comfortable clothes and cut the cold (I recommend wearing lycra under the sweatshirt).

✅ In case of camping, I recommend that you do it in a nearby farm so that the promotions do them with little weight and care with the bonfires.


✅ The wind in this area of the Santurbán Paramo is quite strong and it is an extremely humid environment, so always be careful.


Now that you know the importance of the páramos of Santurbán and in general of the moors of our planet, go and enjoy your trip! But above all defend them, raise your voice and do not allow them to put themselves at risk with mining, tell your friends and family the wealth that Colombia has.


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Jefferson Guerrero

Jefferson Guerrero

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