The paradise is in Colombia

AUTHOR: Luis Felipe Pérez

After two endless days on the road, we finally got to the San Onofre municipality in the department of Sucre. 30 minutes from the urban area the corregimiento Rincón del Mar a small fishermen village, kind people, delicious food, and incredible beaches.

Rincón del Mar beachs

For more than 10 years I didn’t visit this place, and I’m happy to know that still preserves its essence. We were received with a splendid lunch; you have to be prepared to eat all the fish and patacón (fried plantain) of the world.

Snail interior

Sunsets full of “arreboles” (when the sky gets red), waves of blue intense, and a good company is all you need to get completely lost in this world away from pretensions, eagerness, and worries.

Walk by the beach is a delight; the place is so desolate that every step feels like an expedition and you will have a lot of kilometers to enjoy by your own, is a highly recommended destination, cheap, wonderful and magic.


One hour from Rincón del mar are the San Bernardo Islands, a chain of 7 islands, I recommend Múcura and Tintipán because are the larger islands and with more beautiful beaches. There you will see the clearest waters you can imagine, so much so, that the fishes jump between the legs and you can see the crabs through the waves.


Here is just one purpose: complete relaxation, because truly, is like being in a film. Islands are ideal to stay, Tintipán has a familiar atmosphere and Múcura is more festive.

Furthermore, is really great to spend the night on the islands because the tourists just stay until 14:00 due to the marine restrictions leaving the Island alone and then the afternoons and nights are a delight, sunsets that without filter are wonderful and nights so starry nights that seem like lies.

Sunset in Rincon del Mar

Hey but keep in mind something: you should go prepared to enjoy the nature without looking at the worldly comfort if you do it like that I assure you that you’ll enjoy this experience to the full.


Mompox, Punta Gallinas, Capurganá, Parque Tayrona, Ciénaga, Bomba, Usiacurí y San Benito Abad.

Luis Felipe Pérez

Luis Felipe Pérez

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