Jericó town of colors in the Antioquia southwest

AUTHOR: Andres Felipe Carmona

It was on my first trip alone, completed in April of 2017, that I decided to go to Jericó Antioquia. I only had my backpack, a tent, a canteen, a GoPro camera, another Canon T3i and a kangaroo bag. Nothing else.

In life, many times one has to get out of the comfort zone where we are to run over unexplored routes that end up being the best experiences of life.

Town square, two churches, small streets and houses with colorful facades was the panorama with which Jericó received me, a town that is 3 hours by bus from the terminal transportation in the south of Medellín. It has two temples because one is the cathedral next to the Park and another is the traditional church in the middle of a slum.

Town square Jerico Antioquia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

The main road is really good on the whole journey, but the only thing is that there are many curves and can become a bit annoying. The transport company is called Jericó and its ticket prices are $25.000 COP by bus and $27.000 COP by van.

Recommendation: if you suffer from dizziness, you have to take a bag and before to board the bus you should take a medicament, which in Colombia is called “Mareol”.

But… Well, it doesn’t care how much cost or how is the route from the capital city of Antioquia because this place worth it since is recognized to be the hometown of the Saint Mother Laura Montoya, is really cosy and its people are really kind, the figure of the religious leader is on the facades and also on the “carromotos” which is a cab and cost from $3.000 COP.

Birthplace of Mother Saint Laura Montoya Upegui
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

People say that if you go to Jericó but you don’t go to to the hill where is the figure of a Christ then you had missed the trip. I knew that by chance during the trip, that’s why I got to this place, which is located 10 minutes from the country house. I give you the tip: The entry is over the botanic garden through a cobbled road that guides to the top. 

From the top, you can see the whole municipality and one can take really amazing pictures. There is a cable car in this place that goes up to a place where is located a forest. I couldn’t use it because wasn’t working at that time.

Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

The money is a really important thing in the plans of every traveler, but I have to say that this town is really cheap in regards to food and stay.

The lunch cost $10.000 COP and was abundant; I sat on the restaurant La Terraza, located in the periphery of the town square where the inhabitants use the free Wifi from the government. The menu: Guineo soup (small plantain); white rice; salad; chicken cutlets; yellow arepa (very typical from Antioquia) and a typical drink from Antioquia called claro de maíz with bocadillo.

The coffee is something that cannot be absent. One coffee freshly made, cost less than 1 USD in every cafeteria. One night stay cost between $25.000 to $30.000 COP, however, remember that a tent should be always in the backpack as a plan b, during the trips there are always a lot of surprises.

View from colonial balcony
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

I had arrived at this place because of the news of the Mother Laura canonization and no for other reason, visit this town where the image of this Colombian women is gold for the merchants who make keychains, handcuffs, earrings, and even buttons caused me intrigue and curiosity.

I visited the birth house from the only Colombian saint woman, the entry is free and there are personal belongings from the religious woman for the enjoyment of the travelers. The visit is a guided tour and there are donation boxes to help on a voluntary basis.

I wasn’t there for a long time, cuz’ I continued my way to the Anthropology and art museum, where one can find elements and history of this town and also archaeological pieces.

Stoned streets of Jericó Antioquia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

The entry cost $3.000 COP and is located one street from the Carrera 7 known to be the street where the initiative of paint the houses facades was born. The colorful proposal emerged after reunions of the town hall and the community. Know the whole town is colored as many in the coffee region.

In the town, the people work really well the leather, because not surprisingly Jericó is known to be the workshop of the “carrieles” (typical bag design from Antioquia) exclusive element clothing from the paisa (Antioquia) culture, of origin and tradition antioqueña (from Antioquia) and world-famous. There is a street dedicated only to the sale of these products made by families of tradition.

Mototaxi Typical transportation in Jericó
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

While walking I found the stopping place of the “motocarros” the cabs from this town where the majority of inhabitants are fans from Atlético Nacional (football club from Medellín).

These colored vehicles are since 4 years ago in the town and are the main mode of transport. Have a minimum price of $3.000 COP. There are some of them manufactured in India but mostly are made in Medellín by Auteco. They cost 12 million new and cost half price when they are already used.

The operating company in the municipality is Coomotenje, you can ask the service in this number 8523011. Albeiro Moncada says, a driver can earn per day between $80.000 to $150.000 COP or $30.000 COP when is a bad day.

Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

The sun goes down and the couples and the employees come out to sit in the bar town called Club Colombia, old and young man go to play billiard and board games. The other people enjoy a beer that cost $1 USD. The music is varied for all tastes.

The bar is the place to see the games of the Atlético Nacional. “When the green plays the place is full and is necessary to decorate but when Medellín plays nothing happens because the owner is a fan from the verdolaga (Atlético Nacional) says a woman from the town.

Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

Jericó is calm and “tertulia” (social) at night. A town with a lot of adults, and kids, who usually runs back and forth over the square town as a part of the school activities.

Jericó Antioquia Colombia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

The town is calm and you can walk freely everywhere and every time. Don´t worry about the food there is a lot of corner shops where you can buy what you need for breakfast, lunch, and meal. Is better to buy during the day because most of the shops are closed at night.


Have 12.103 inhabitants in the rural and urban area.
✅ Jericó have 12.100 inhabitants in the rural and urban area
✅ Gentilic adjective: Jericoano-a
✅ Was founded on 28 Sept 1.851 under the name of Aldea de Piedras
✅ Average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius

Tourist information point: Carrera 5 # 7-50 Palacio Municipal. Contact: 350-6536186. Opening hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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Andres Felipe Carmona

Andres Felipe Carmona

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