Jericó Antioquia village of colors

AUTHOR: Andres Felipe Carmona

Jericó Antioquia welcomed me with a main square, two churches, small streets and houses with colorful facades. Jericó has two temples because one is the cathedral next to the park and another is the traditional church in the middle of a large neighborhood.

Main square of Jericó Antioquia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.


Jericó is 3 hours by bus from the South Transportation Terminal of Medellín. The company that covers the route is called Transportes Jericó and offers each route from $25,000 COP.

The road is very good, but it has a lot of curve and can become a bit annoying. I advise you that if you suffer from dizziness when traveling by road, the best thing is that before boarding the bus you take a medication for it, in Colombia it can be Mareol.

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Stoned streets of Jericó Antioquia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

But hey, it does not matter how much or how is the trip from Medellín because Jericó, recognized as the hometown of the Holy Mother Laura Montoya, is very welcoming and its people are very friendly.

The figure of Mother Laura, the only Saint of Colombia, is present in facades and even in the car-rhoom or tuk-tuk that provide taxi service.


They say that whoever goes to Jericó and does not know the hill where the figure of Christ is, simply lost the way. I learned of it during the trip, that’s why I came to this place that is 10 minutes away from the village through the voice of the people.

If you want to get to Hill Christ on your own you must enter through the Botanical Garden through a cobblestone path that will take you to the top.

Selfie in Jericó Antioquia
Foto: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

From the top of the hill you can see all of Jericó and the photographs that can be obtained are spectacular. Up there is a cable car that goes to a high part where there is a forest, but when I was in the place this was out of service.


I arrived in Jericó motivated by the news of the canonization of Mother Laura, I was intrigued and curious to visit this town where the Colombian image is gold for the merchants who go through it making key chains, handles and even earrings.

I visited the birthplace of the only Colombian saint, whose entry is free and has personal items of the religious for the enjoyment of travelers. The visit is guided and at the entrance, next to the temple, there are mailboxes for voluntary donations.

Birthplace of Mother Santa Laura Montoya Upegui
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

I did not spend much time in the place, I went on long and I continued walking until I reached the Museum of Anthropology and Arts, where there are archaeological pieces of the region and elements of the tradition and history of Jericó.

The entrance to the museum costs $3,000 COP and is located one block from the recognized street being where in 2008 was born the initiative to paint colors the facades of houses, like many others in the Coffee Region.

Typical transportation of Jericó Antioquia Colombia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

In Jericó people work leather very well, this town is known for being the workshop of the carrieles, an element of the exclusive dress of the paisa culture, of Antioquia origin and tradition and of world fame. There is even a single street dedicated to the sale of these products made by traditional families.

Walking I came to the control of the motorcars that provide the taxi service. Colorful tuk-tuks that have crossed the streets of Jericó for four years and are the main means of transportation in the town. The minimum race is worth $3,000 COP.

The operating company in the municipality is Coomotenje, and you can request the service at (+57) (4) 852 3011.

Tuk-tuk in Jericó
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

At sundown couples and workers go out to sit at Club Colombia, the main bar in town. There gentlemen and young people arrive to play billiards and other board games, while others inside or at the foot of the park, drink beer.

They told me that this bar is the place to watch the Atlético Nacional matches. “When he plays green, it fills up and he plays decorating the place, but when Medellín plays… nothing happens, the owner as he is from purslane does not make a lot of noise,” recounts a woman in the place.

Atletico Nacional fan in Jericó
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

Jericó is quiet and social gathering at night. A town of much older adult and children who in the mornings, sometimes, run from one side to another in the main square as part of the recreational days that are scheduled in the official school of the municipality.

Jericó Antioquia Colombia
Photo: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

Jericó is quiet and you can walk freely everywhere and at any time. For food do not worry, you have many shops where you can buy products for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

However, remember to buy your market on the day, since at night the stores may be closed.


The money factor should always be in the plans of every traveler, but I must say that this Jericó is economical in terms of food and lodging.

Lunch is available from $10,000 COP, I ate at La Terraza, the menu was: guineo soup (small banana); White rice; salad; chicken cutlet; arepa (very typical of Antioquia) and clear of corn with bocadillo (traditional paisa drink).

Vista desde balcón colonial
Foto: Andrés Felipe Carmona B.

Coffee can not miss. A freshly made red costs $600 at any cafeteria. Lodging, per night, ranges between $25,000 and $30,000 COP.

However, remember that the tent should always be in the backpack as plan B, during the trips do not miss the surprises.

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✅ Jericó has 12,103 inhabitants, between rural and urban areas.
✅ Gentile: Jericoan-a
✅ It was founded on 28 sept. 1851
✅ Average temperature of 22ºC

Tourist information point: Carrera 5 # 7-50 Municipal Palace. Contact: (+57) 350 653 6186. Office hours from 9 a.m. to 12 m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


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