Gorgona Island, a trip to the immensity

AUTHOR: Faride Haydar del Castillo

Well, let’s start first with what you should do and how many days you should be in Gorgona Island (for my part, I would continue on the island).

  Guapi Beach - Gorgona Island

1. Walk the beaches and tropical rainforest
2. Diving or skating
3. Learn about the history of Gorgona Island, its flora and fauna
4. Help the guardians of the National Natural Parks-PNN
5. Feel the peace of the Colombian Pacific

Lizard in the foreground

Let’s talk now about our itinerary that was very short because we did not have much time.


We traveled from Cartagena and had little time to see Isla Gorgona, so the best alternative was to travel by plane to Cali and at this point take a flight with the airline Satena to the municipality of Guapi, famous for being the “place where the sky unites with the sea”.

Traveling to Gorgona Island

We would have liked to visit and know Guapi, but our trip was just beginning, so from the airport we went straight to the pier in a tuc tuc and then we took the boat that would take us to Gorgona Island.

Streets of Guapi

If you have time, stay one day in Guapi and know it. They tell me that their cuisine is excellent.

Colombian Pacific beach

The trip by boat is like traveling in time through the sea. The Pacific is not a calm sea, but the journey full of blue transports you to another world. By boat it is 90 minutes or a little more depending on the state of the weather.

Typical beverages from the Pacific


Enjoy it and breathe deeply this air full of purity !.

When you arrive at Isla Gorgona your disembarkation receives you personnel of the National parks of Colombia, the marine infantry and the police that takes you to a control point the entrance pass costs $ 11.000 COP for the Colombians and they do revision of luggage and control of entrance of species non-native, liqueurs, firearms, dryers, etc.

Boat trip

Take the opportunity to chat with your travel companions and the staff that is on the island and read the information about the care of Gorgona Island and its species.


Here is the first profit of the trip: new friends!

Houses of Gorgona Island

The first day we spent walking on the beach, watching the sunset, tasting the culinary delights they had for us and listening to the anecdotes of the other travel companions who arrived earlier.


You must dive in Gorgona Island, your dives can be done in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening or you can discover the “nocturnal island”.

Preparing to dive on Gorgona Island


For your second day, take a walk to Playa Yundigua and the la chota trail. During your tour, learn together with the park keeper about the privileged flora and fauna of Gorgona Island.

Wildlife of the Gorgona Island
Hike to Yundigua

On the beach you can snorkel and feel the song of the whales.

Snorkeling in Gorgona Island

In the afternoon visit the prison, is a few meters from where you stay. You will be surprised with the past that Isla Gorgona hides and you will marvel at the nature that tries to recover.

Ruins of the Gorgona Island prison


Relax and enjoy.


Wake up early to be able to go out in the boat to see whales Yubarta.

Depending on the time of year you can see them doing their acrobatics or in calm, in my case we run into a mother who breast-fed her baby. The calm was so great that we felt we could spend some time with them (keeping a prudent distance).

Humpback whale watching
Walk to Palmera beach on Gorgona Island

We continued skirting the island, we descended and we walked until Palmera beach to spend some time of relaxation.

Palmera Beach on Gorgona Island


During the whale season you will see them jumping from the island, so attentive to the beach, it is a beautiful sight.


We left Gorgona Island in the boat at 8:00 am because our flight left early, during the trip it was raining and it felt like a breeze that impregnated the skin with memories of the island.

Pacific Beach

A perfect farewell that brought with it an invitation to return.


Plan your return trip.


And now come my recommendations to enjoy this Colombian paradise:

1. Diving is an important part of the visit, when you arrive you schedule your dives with one of the instructors or hire the service in your package.

Whale yubarta in the Pacific

2. Take a thermos with filter for water. You can take the water from the island, it is cold, pure and tastes very good. If you forget nothing happens, the shop on the island offers the basic products to meet your needs.


3. In your suitcase pack:

✅ Waterproof clothes for the trip by boat and walks in the jungle
✅ High stockings for pantaneras boots.
✅ First aid kit (for all trips)
✅ Sunblock
✅ Camera and underwater camera
✅ Ecological mosquito repellent (although I do not use it)
✅ Environmentally friendly grooming or beauty products.

Birds over the Pacific sea

4. Take raincoat and pantaneras boots, but if you do not have no matter, on the island rent for 5 thousand colombian pesos.

Walking on the beaches of Gorgona Island

5. When traveling by boat, locate yourself near the engine, in this part you feel less the movement of the sea. If that does not matter to you, the front part is the one that offers the best view.

Rock formations on the beach

6. Take a sack or bag to return your garbage and what you will find, to the island come debris that travel from the rivers and coasts, so a helping hand to clean the beaches never hurts.

Dark sand beach

7. Go to the shop on the island and buy to Carolina a memory of Gorgona, she will give you the purest smile.

Old roads of the Gorgona Island prison

8. Talk to the park guards, get involved with their tranquility and love of the island. They are all cool.

Sign with interesting information about the Island

9. Savor the delicious food that the girls in the dining room do. Think about the distance that food has traveled and how they transform it with your hands and seasoning so that you can enjoy it.


STOP … YES, there is no rush. You have gone to Gorgona to live the tranquility that this tropical humid forest offers you.

Crab on the sand

Do the same as in “La Guajira, a journey to live with the 5 senses”: smell, observe, taste, touch (what you can), listen and connect with nature.

Wildlife of the Island

10. Wake up early and lie down late. Contemplate the sunrise and sunset on the beach, enjoy the parade of birds and crabs. Relax and learn what the island has for you.


11. There may be gray or bright days, enjoy them and #respiraverdecito!

Humpback whale tail

If you got here you are ready for the next adventure. Gorgona Island, a paradise of biodiversity awaits you!

Apes the jungle

When you visit, do not forget to share your images using the hashtag #Travelgrafia and #RespiraVerdecito


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Faride Haydar del Castillo

Faride Haydar del Castillo

Amante de Colombia, sus tradiciones, fauna y flora y su gente y recientemente colaboradora de travelgrafia.co

Creo que viajar es una experiencia que te ayuda a redescubrirte y comprender la verdadera felicidad. Por ello te invito a que hagas una lista de tus deseos y procures cumplirlos, así sea un deseo por año (si puedes más mejor) lo importante es que salgas a respirar verdecito, no tienes que ir muy lejos, probablemente tienes cerca lugares que aún no has descubierto.

Por ultimo te invito a que aprecies el turismo local, ese que incluye a los pobladores y protege la diversidad de la zona.

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