The coolest hostels from Colombia

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In the mind of some travelers are still many prejudices about hostels, but the truth is that any hostal isn’t exactly the same as another. Many have private rooms, shared kitchens, common areas and even exclusive spaces for women traveling alone.

That’s why we have gathered for you the best hostels in Colombia, unique places that enjoy an artistic style without equal.

To motivate you to stay in one of them, we give you $ 15 dollars in your first reservation in Booking and $113,000 COP for your first trip through Airbnb.

Keep reading and choose your favorite.



This particular wooden house is hanging 20 meters high, but relax, it is totally safe and cozy. It has a space to house up to 10 people.

The House in the Air the Abejorral
Photo: assafaharon
Woman lying in hammock
Photo: viajandocomgabi

The plans that you can do here will please you even more, a walk to the cave of the owls and to San Vicente hill, to rappel or spend an afternoon on the hammocks lying in the air.

Keep in mind that they do not offer food, but they do have a kitchen so you can prepare your food.

🛏 Rooms from $60,000 COP | Private from $100,000 COP

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This wonderful hostel located in the middle of the jungle of the Colombian Pacific, more exactly inside the PNN Uramba Bahia Malaga, is all you need to spend a very good weekend away from the routine.

Pacifico Hostel Colombia
Photo: travel___talk
Dog watching the Colombian Pacific

You will have a virgin beach just for you at your feet, a natural pool formed when the tide is high, you can also sail by boat through the jungle, visit the Sierpe waterfalls, go to the island of birds, kayak through the mangroves or take Surf lessons.

🛏 Shared rooms from $ 40,000 COP

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A place that has been thought and designed in the comfort of the guests, this is Casa Nacuma.

Hostal Casa Nacuma Barichara
Photo: anthropologistsanonymous
Hostal Casa Nacuma Barichara Colombia
Photo: hostalcasanacuma

Located two blocks from the main square of Barichara and the bus stop, Casa Nacuma offers you in addition to its comfortable rooms, an open kitchen if you want to prepare your own food.

🛏 Rooms from $ 35,000 COP | Private from $ 60,000 COP

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Although the capital of Colombia is a bit cold, this hostel has managed to have inside a tropical garden that will make you feel in a warmer environment.

Vista desde el Botanico Hostel
Photo: schnitzy_megpatrick
Habitaciones Botanica Hostel Bogotá
Photo: botanicohostel

The house is an architectural jewel, located in one of the most touristic and historic neighborhoods, La Candelaria. Nearby you can find almost 80% of the museums that are in Bogotá and some of the best mural paintings in Colombia.

🛏 Rooms from $ 35,000 COP | Private from $ 110,000 COP

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This inn located in Uribia, represents an authentic Wayuu rancheria that will connect you even more with the culture and traditions of the region.

Posada Pujuru Cabo de la Vela
Photo: pujuru_bar_kiteschool
Lodging at Cabo de la Vela
Photo: pilarlinares_zoom360

The inn has a restaurant, a bar, and offers activities such as Kitesurfing, so if you are an adrenaline junkie or lover of extreme sports you arrived at the right place.

🛏 Rooms from $ 70,000 COP

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-> Guide to get to Cabo de la Vela on your own.



Definitely Mango Tree Cali is one of the most modern and revolutionary hostels in Colombia, to the point of being one of the few hostels in the country under the Poshtels concept.

Hostal Mango Tree en Cali

Poshtels is synonymous with glamor, sophistication and design and Mango Tree Cali is precisely that, a hostel built in an old house in the historic center of Cali, where you can find elegance, comfort, cleanliness, and an excellent location.

Hostales en Cali

To arrive at Mango Tree Cali, is to arrive at a place loaded with a vintage retro aesthetic and rooms with incredible mattresses for rest, definitely a place that has thought about every detail so that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

el mejor hostal de Cali

We can not stop telling you inside the hostel there is a very installable pool and a disco that does not break at all with the tranquility of the place.

Hostal con piscina en Cali

In addition, soon there will be a space to enjoy the best Colombian coffees and the Melomana culture of a city that breathes salsa.

🛏 Rooms from $ 20,000 COP | Private from $ 80,000 COP

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A few kilometers from the center of Capurganá, immersed between the lush jungle and the sea is located this amazing hostel.

In Kachikine you will find a kitchen where you can prepare your own food, snorkeling areas and jungle trails in which to go hiking.

Hostal Kichikine one of the best hostels in Capurganá
Photo: lisettewellens
Accommodation in Capurgana
Photo: b33tay

It is also full of hammocks to take a nap and with views to the surroundings of the jungle, awakening in this hostel to the sound of the song of exotic birds is an experience that you will remember forever.

🛏 Rooms from $ 30,000 COP | Private from $ 80,000 COP

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República Hostel is located in one of the colonial buildings of the historic San Diego neighborhood, it is one of the most incredible places that can be found inside the walls and in the magical and ancient Cartagena.

Interior of the Cartagena Cartagena Hostel
Photo: dari_shark
Hostel in Medellin Colombia
Photo: republicahostels

República Hostel has a cozy pool with bar area, where you can get in the mood after a bike ride through the walled city.

🛏 Rooms from $ 60,000 COP | Private from $ 220,000 COP

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This beautiful hostel is located one hour from Cartagena, in the Rosario Islands, on Isla Grande. Its environment is surrounded by coastal lagoons, mangroves and dry tropical forests.

View from Golden Frogs Hostel's room
Photo: jsaristizabalb
Isla Grande Mangroves
Photo: goldenfrogexperience

The Golden Frog Hostel offers kayaking or paddle surfing tours through 4 lagoons surrounded by mangroves, visit the Encantada lagoon, a beautiful body of water where a rare phosphorescent plankton inhabits.

You can also snorkel with a sunken plane and visit the other islands of the Corales del Rosario Natural Park.

🛏 Rooms from $ 70,000 COP | Private from $ 225,000 COP

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Also on Isla Grande is Fulano Secret Paradise located, a real secret waiting to be discovered.

Fulano Secret Paradise Hostel
Photo: silvia_cosia
Fulano Secret Paradise rooms
Photo: mattallt

This hostel is 12 minutes walk from the beach, has a pool, barbecue, terrace, bar and offers water sports for those who wish it, such as snorkeling, diving and fishing.

🛏 Rooms from $ 70,000 | Private from $ 220,000

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This hostel offers a private beach area and outdoor pool. Also, its house seems taken from a Gabriel García Márquez’s book.

Lodging in Barú
Photo: galeriaisla_hostel
Hostel in Isla Grande Cartagena
Photo: galeriaisla_hostel

To get to the Isla Hostel Gallery, you should take a boat to Barú from the Cartagena dock that leaves every morning and returns in the afternoon. There you can practice snorkeling and hiking.

🛏 Rooms from $ 85,000 | Private from $ 280,000

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Located in front of the sea and a few minutes from the Tayrona Natural Park, this cozy hostel is perfect for surfing and make new friends.

Lodging near Tayrona
Photo: costenobeachhostel
Costeño Beach Tayrona Colombia price chart
Photo: kathequinones

Costeño Beach has a very Caribbean atmosphere with beach bar, a surf-camp on a stunning private beach surrounded by white sand, blue waves and tall palm trees.

🛏 Rooms from $ 43,000 COP | Private from $ 105,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices in Booking.



5 minutes from the main road that leads to Guatapé is this quiet and relaxing hostel located.

Yoga in Galeria Hostel Guatape
Photo: karolinefqt
Dam of Guatape in drone
Photo: annalaurakummer

It is an ideal space to connect with nature, relax, enjoy time with friends, do yoga, practice one or another water sport and obviously visit the peñol stone.

🛏 Shared rooms from $ 39,500 COP

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If you like quiet places with a sort of hippy atmosphere, maybe you should stay at Casa Kayam Hostal, an artistic residence 20 minutes walking from the colorful town of Guatapé.

Casa Kayam Hostal Guatape Colombia
Photo: julie_nau
Casa Kayam Project
Photo: laurapenuelag

The hostel has an area for barbecues, provides free use of bicycles, and also in the area you can practice horse riding.

🛏 Rooms from $ 23,000 COP | Private from $ 75,000 COP

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The Omshanty is one of the lodges of the Amazon that is hidden in the jungle, the buildings are made in the form of bungalows and offers rooms with shared or private bathroom.

Omshanty Jungle Lodge
Photo: omshanty_jungle_lodge
Lodging in the Amazon Colombia
Photo: omshanty_jungle_lodge

Those staying at the Omshanty Jungle Lodge can go hiking, visit the indigenous communities of the area and make bird watching trips.

🛏 Rooms from $ 20,000 COP | Private from $ 70,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.


The Tanimboca Nature Reserve is located approximately 40 minutes from Leticia, Amazonas, literally a hostel in the middle of the jungle.

The Tanimboca has “Malokas”, traditional indigenous houses, as a kind of wooden cabins built in the treetops, each with a private bathroom.

Hostel in the middle of the jungle
Photo: geoffreybaerts
Tanimboca Amazonas Nature Reserve
Photo: begenerationlove
Cabin of the Tanimboca nature reserve
Photo: begenerationlove

Here you can relax in the hammocks, visit the serpentarium of the hostel or walk through the lush jungle and discover rare animal species.

In addition, the hostel organizes kayak routes and adventures through the treetops.

🛏 Rooms from $ 280,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices in Booking.



Casa Loma is a hostel with a style similar to a tree house, the view will make you fall in love since your arrival.

Breakfast at the Casa Loma hostel
Photo: comradeclaws
Hostal Casa Loma Minca
Photo: misslisen_1972

This hostel does not have Wi-Fi connection but it has a terrace to connect with all the immense nature that surrounds it.

🛏 Rooms from $ 24,000 | Private from $ 55,000 COP

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From all the views in Minca, this hostel has one of the best, the key is to sit in the largest hammock you’ve ever seen to watch the sunset.

Malla Casa Elemento Minca Colombia
Photo: creatifartiste
Mirador Minca in the Casa Elemento Hostal
Photo: tjoolaard
Wood fire
Photo: gabydekoning

Casa Elemento has also a large reading room, bar, and swimming pool, as if it were not enough with the incredible view that you can appreciate from there.

Here you can stay either in shared or private bedrooms, and if you want to have even more contact with nature then you should choose to spend the night in one of their camping tents.

🛏 Rooms from $ 40,000 COP | Private from $ 150,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.



Rango Boutique is a quite diverse hostel, which houses travelers who have decided to visit the city of eternal spring whether for leisure, work or for any other reason.

Rango Hostal Medellín
Photo: tobierhodes
Rango Hostel rooms
Photo: kajac

The best thing is that you do not need to be a guest to enjoy the parties that are done in the hostel or the delicious food of its restaurant.

🛏 Rooms from $ 58,000 COP | Private from $ 230,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.



If you are looking for a trip to connect with yourself and resolve some inner doubts, you should consider staying at the Huaca Huaca Hostel.

Hostel in Mocoa
Photo: huacahuacahostel
Kitchen of Huaca Huaca Hostel Mocoa Putumayo
Photo: angelica.marroquin

A space without an internet connection, but with a natural outdoor pool and rooms with a balcony. From the hostel you can plan to visit the beautiful End of the World Waterfalls and the Mandiyaco canyon.

🛏 Rooms from $ 25,000 COP | Private from $ 45,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices in Booking.

-> How to get to the End of the World Waterfall


Mocoa is the perfect destination for activities such as rappelling or trekking, get away from the chaos of the outside world and being in touch with nature.

Casa en el árbol Reserva Paway en Mocoa
Photo: zoomvolta
Simio en Paway
Photo: paway_putumayo

There in the Paway Nature Reserve you can find the beauty of Putumayo in all its splendor, as well as visit the End of the World Waterfalls and spend the night in a tree house and be visited by wild monkeys.

🛏 Rooms from $ 160,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices in Booking.



Hostal Doña Manuela is a space dedicated to travelers who love history, its beautiful finishes complement the beautiful streets of Mompox, a World Heritage town.

Dining room of Hostal Doña Manuela
Photo: hostaldonamanuelam
Lodging in Mompox
Photo: pablusioumeo

The building where the hostel is located was built in the seventeenth century and recently restored, nowadays it is equipped with all the comforts for the attention of its guests.

🛏 Private rooms from $ 250,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices in Booking.

-> How to get there and what to do in Mompox



This hostel is perfect to get to relax after a full day of surfing or tubing on the Palomino River or simply to return from one of the most epic walks in Colombia, Ciudad Perdida.

The Dreamer Hostel Palomino Colombia
Photo: thedreamerhostel
Hostel Palomino Colombia
Photo: jordanrknox

Its pool and its location right next to the beach make it very tempting to decide to spend the night here.

🛏 Rooms from $ 45,000 COP | Private from $ 180,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.


The Tiki Hut is really a very Caribbean hostel, the design in the shape of cottages will make you feel in a real island and disconnected from the chaotic city.

Lodging at the Tiki Hut Hostal Palomino
Photo: tikihuthostels
Accommodation in Palomino
Photo: kathrinerul

In the middle of the cabins has a provocative pool and next to the bar, they also have an area to play pool or pin-pon, 2×1 in mojitos and other cocktails, so feel like your favorite place.

🛏 Rooms from $ 40,000 COP | Private from $ 160,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking u Hostelworld.



This beautiful colonial house, is only 200 meters from the emblematic Calle Real de Salento, has 8 rooms, some with balcony and also each painted as if it were a work of art.

Mural of the Hostal Ciudad de Segorbe Salento Colombia
Photo: hostalciudaddesegorbesalento
Interior Hostal Ciudad Segorbe Salento
Photo: hostalciudaddesegorbesalento

In addition, City of Sergobe has a very nice backyard to take breakfast, which among other things is included in the reservation of the room.

🛏 Rooms from $ 50,000 COP | Private from $ 170,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.


This huge house with beautiful views of its surroundings, is also located a few blocks from the main square of Salento.

Interior of the Coffee tree hostel Salento
Photo: aurore_vx
Coffee tree boutique hostel
Photo: coffeetreebhsalento

The rooms are spacious and well equipped, a place with the necessary amenities to spend one or several days of rest, go for a walk in Salento and explore the Cocora Valley, one of the most instagrammeable places in Colombia.

🛏 Rooms from $ 40,000 COP | Private from $ 230,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.



Located in the historic center of the city of Santa de Santa Marta is Masaya, an elegant and traditional old republican house, designed from the local culture and converted into a hostel with the comfort of a 5-star hotel.

Pool of Masaya Hostel Santa Marta
Photo: coffeetreebhsalento
Rooms of Masaya Hostal Santa Marta
Photo: eyeofshe

It has a rooftop bar, three swimming pools, a large outdoor kitchen and offers many cultural activities, some of them are for free.

🛏 Rooms from $ 40,000 COP | Private from $ 165,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.



A few minutes from the beach of Taganga is Divanga B & B, a boutique hostel with a lot of style.

Hostal Divanga Taganga
Photo: safronautumn

Divanga has a central backyard, a beautiful pool, hammocks, a kitchen for the use of the guests, and on Fridays you cannot miss the famous Divanga Party that is done on the roof.

🛏 Rooms from $ 37,000 COP | Private from $ 100,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.


If you do not want to miss any of the sunsets in Taganga, you should choose to stay at Cielo Hostel, it has a privileged viewpoint towards the Bay of Taganga.

Hostel with viewpoint in Taganga
Photo: valoddi
Cielo Hostal Taganga
Photo: cielohostel

It is also located 3 minutes walk from the beach and 5 minutes from the boardwalk.

🛏 Rooms from $ 26,000 COP | Private from $ 75,000 COP

Confirm its availability and prices at Booking or Hostelworld.

Remember that all the hostels are spaces designed for social contact, so go with very good energy, willing to meet travelers from around the world and have great moments wherever you go.


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