Among mangroves and the love

AUTHOR: Silvia Corredor

The Island of Barú is another corner that is found in the islands of the Caribbean Sea and from which you can appreciate the best sunsets.

To get there, some time ago, you take a night on the beaches of Cartagena that took about an hour. You can also take a land route to Pasacaballos where a large Ferry crossed the Canal de Dique, taking small and large cars to the Island.

Sunset in Barú

The ferry disappeared thanks to the construction of the Barú Bridge that for three years has decreased the time in which visitors or residents of the area arrive at their destination. This bridge connects the communities of Santa Ana, Ararca and Barú in the colorful houses that are on the side of the road give a colorful touch to the route.

After 45 minutes of travel, you will stay in this Caribbean paradise where you can find a number of activities to make dependent on the adventurous spirit of the visitor. One of the least known and most guarded plans by the natives of the area is El Manglar «El Amor», which has been more suitable for more than ten years.

Colorful house

To get to the mangrove, you must take a jet ski on the beach of Barú, which are offered by the natives. The tour lasts 30 minutes and you can appreciate a variety of colors in the sea and some private properties of influential people of the country.

Finding the entrance to the client is not easy because the natives have been in charge of camouflaging it so that it remains.

Mangrove of love

Enter here is like discovering a new world in which nature, tranquility and the song of some birds like butterflies, are mixed to create a perfect environment. According to the story told by the inhabitants of the area, this man was named for the ideal place to keep an affair.


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Silvia Corredor

Periodista y antropóloga en formación.