Cresta del Gallo and the Páramo de Fandiño

AUTHOR: Julián Barrera Jiménez

Has it not happened to you that you feel at peace when you are surrounded by nature and in the middle of a majestic landscape? If the answer is yes, surely the Cresta del Gallo is a destination that you will enjoy in every way.

Prepare your camera, good boots and take a jacket because what awaits you is cold, very cold.

Peña Blanca Santander

The Cresta del Gallo is located in Peña Blanca, a small municipality of Santander which is located at the tip of this department that enters Boyacá. It is a little forgotten town due to its difficult access from Puente Nacional, the closest town of Santander, approximately 32 km away.

My adventure begins with a group of friends from Santa Sofía, Boyacá. From there, the journey is approximately 40 minutes by car in the company of a lot of nature and a penetrating cold.

Peña Blanca peasant

When you get to Peña Blanca you should ask for a guide to take you to La Cresta, do not go alone unless you already know the way very well.

In my case, our adventure guide was Don Humberto, a local farmer who has been climbing to La Cresta del Gallo since he was very small.

Camino a la Cresta del Gallo

The route starts from the moment you leave the village, on foot, towards the hill. With much fog and rain, but increasingly immersed in nature, the tour is enjoyed thanks to the large amount of vegetation and the peace of the place.

To climb up to La Cresta, you will pass through trails, slippery rocks and paths that are confusing if you do not know them.

La Cresta del Gallo near to Peñas Blancas

Approximately 75 minutes uphill, you reach La Cresta del Gallo, where you can see a thin rock formation which gives the impression of a stone wall.

This is what is known as La Cresta del Gallo. From this point, on a clear day, Don Humberto says that you can perceive at least four towns of Santander on the horizon.

Landscape Peñas Blancas Santander

If you are an adventurer who is not afraid of the height and want to enjoy an unimaginable view you can walk very carefully along the ridge and find yourself with a challenge that can make you tremble.


If you dared to walk along it and could overcome the strong currents of wind, continue to the end and enjoy the view. Do you want a little more adrenaline? In Peñas Blancas there is a local challenge, which I was not able to do, which consists in making a leap of faith!

You must stop at the edge of the ridge, jump a ravine at least 25 meters and fall on the Stone of Faith, a small stone, inclined and triangular.

Piedra de la Fe

After having made your heartbeat a little harder, keep going up and you will find two abandoned houses at the top of the mountain. This is where you start to enter the paramo ecosystem: humid, rainy and cold. Put on your hat and enjoy a piece of panela and follow the path to the Páramo de Fandiño.

Inicio del sendero al Páramo de Fandiño

After a 15-minute walk along muddy roads, you will reach the Páramo de Fandiño where you can see a large number of Frailejones, a traditional páramo plant and vital for the production of water. Be careful where you walk because there are too many frailejonesand we do not want to damage the ecosystem of this paradise

Páramo de Fandiño
Flores de páramo

The way back is the same way, be careful with the descent, enjoy the scenery, the flowers and animals, and do not forget to always respect nature because it is what gives us life.


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Julián Barrera Jiménez

Julián Barrera Jiménez

Antropólogo y Periodista en formación. Reconocer como filosofía de vida, la fotografía como método.