How Anolaima changes my life

AUTHOR: Juan Pablo Dueñas Báez

I had no idea from the existence of this place I must have heard its name once vaguely, was so strange and so new the word Anolaima for me that the first time I tried to go I confused it with Anapoima.

In that moment of confusion, I didn’t imagine that this word was going to change my way to see the world and to live in a place.

Vegetation of Anolaima

I arrived because a friend who moved there with his family had invited me, he is still there doing his life Project and strengthening it more and more; he is a friend and an ex partner who invited me to work on a project that came up over there, the proposal was to move there approximately one month and work from there in a rural area from Anolaima without internet access and with limits in the cellphone signal, at the beginning it sounds a bit crazy but I accepted.

light in the darkness

Although I always liked nature the change was a bit hard, as a usual cell phone user and technological equipment I was accustomed to the use of these apparatus since there was no cell phone signal, even less internet, the abstinence syndrome began to take its toll.

Dog drinking water from a stream

As the days passed I have no choice but set the cell phone aside, I started to lift my head and look what surrounded me, to use my body as I never had before, I was in an incredible place.

Rural area of Anolaima

I couldn’t believe the privilege I had to woke up every day with that sounds and that postcards from another world, the simple act of taking oranges from the trees for the breakfast became something gratifying, and was there were I began to notice that the priorities and worries which I had in the city were oversized.

Dense haze

And then 1 month became 2 partly because the project went long and partly because I began to feel complete in that place, from 2 months I went to 3 and my days couldn’t seem more like the idea I had of a paradise, I shared every day with the most wonderful creature a dog called Bax and with this pretty family (my friend’s family) who opened me the door of its heart.

Starry Night

They were definitive in this change process, at that time I alternated between my graphic design work with field work, walks to the ravine and other surrounding areas, to send the advances of the work we were doing we had to go to the town which is located one hour by foot from that place.

Night falls in Anolaima

That’s how I saw the dynamic of life in another way, I felt it in another way, and everything was seen in a different way from this perspective where the body was the protagonist and the green starts to grow in me, the sedentary lifestyle was thing of the past, healed things I didn’t know were damaged, I had morning conversations with gigantic trees and things like a Firefly took the necessary transcendence, replacing my old priorities with, definitely this place changed my perception of see and live a place.

Nights in the middle of nature
Little bug on my finger

Finally were 7 months that I lived there, and I don’t see myself in the same way anymore nor do I see the nature, in the same way, now I want to explore places, know them and live them every time I can.

Exploring nature with Bax, the puppy

I came back to Bogotá because all this change took me to start new studies and get more interested in the photography, but anytime I can I came to visit this paradise on the earth, to my new soul friends and for sure Bax!


Tenza valley, Chicaque Natural Park, Chingaza Natural Park, Choachí on bike, Tequendama waterfall, Monguí, La Chorrera waterfall, Parque Verde y Agua, Guaduas and Siecha lagoon.

Juan Pablo Dueñas Báez

Juan Pablo Dueñas Báez

Mi nombre es Juan Pablo Dueñas Báez, soy diseñador gráfico especializado en creación de logos, eventualmente hago ilustraciones pero últimamente me he dedicado a hacer fotografías, al principio de manera aficionada pero empecé a estudiarla porque hay mucho que aprender y quiero seguir explorando lugares e historias a través de ella.