Chocó also has Atlantic

AUTHOR: Daniela Jimenez López

Few things in the world have made me the same happiness as discovering the unexplored, few, open more the mind and heart that give the opportunity to get on a plane and stop carrying out the pretensions to the unknown.

Woman walking on a meadow

Few things create a feeling of warmth as great as being able to save memories on paper that one day I shot with any camera. It reminds me of life, it sends me sensations, to people, to the flavors of food, to the colors of places.

Woman lying on the ground

I must say, very much to my regret, that although I had the luck to ride in two years and repeat that feeling that I just described, only until recently, I made the decision to travel more to Colombia; travel to places that do not like to go, to get out of the conventional reach on the coast of Barranquilla, Santa Marta and Cartagena (although they are worth all the pain), to make the effort to find another type of tourism, that less frequented and more colorful, newer to the eyes, to the ears, to the palate … more sensorial than photogenic.

Swimming in a natural pool in the Chocó

Beach of Capurganá Chocó

This is the place where the Gulf of Urabá is located, (Acandí, Capurganá, Sapzurro, La Miel) on the Atlantic coast of Chocuana, because of course, Chocó has the Atlantic, the recognition in memory is so small, that most of the People who saw me on a trip made comments such as “How nice the Pacific!” and things like that.

Capurganá Beach

Playa La Miel Panama

The truth of the matter is that this corner on the border with Panama is the perfect mix between tropical rainforest and sea, between humidity and breeze, between heat and freshness, between giant waves and quiet bays or between children and colorful houses in the middle of the nothing.

Acandi Airport

Yellow house

You get to Acandí from Medellín, more to a house with a runway than to an airport.

Acandi Airport

There, local people offer you the transport to move to where you are going … in a wheelbarrow carried by a horse and moving at two kilometers per hour towards the port of the town the driver sang vallenatos while the wind waved, the humidity hits us in the face and we saw wooden houses and people rocking on the porches in their hammocks.

Woman smiling while traveling in wheelbarrow

Horse pushing wheelbarrow

Leaving the horse we got on a boat that takes us through the Gulf of Urabá, between waves that hit a rocky coast that allowed the foam to mix with the turquoise blue of the sea.

Sailing on the Caribbean Sea of Chocó

We walked from a small dock to our hostel, between the forest and the Chocuana jungle, a place tucked into the same beach as the other side of the pier on a coast between rocks and warm, soft sand.

Capurganá Pier

Atlantic Ocean

Boat sailing on the sea

The destinations of the Gulf of Urabá are walking, it is magical, they enter the jungle, very early in the morning and see frogs, crabs, lizards of many colors, tree trunks, great cocktails with colors, as unusual as the contrast between the jungle and the sea. blue.

Flora of Chocó


We walked during our days, between El Aguacate, Capurganá, Sapzurro and La miel.

Woman exploring the Chocó

Coconut cocktail

Going to Chocó is a trip to connect with nature, to see contrasts, to dive, to walk a lot, for what it is, to read, to disconnect from the telephone, from the worries of life, to reconnect with unexplored Colombia and to I can go back and say that Chocó also has Atlantic.


Punta Gallinas, Tayrona Park, Archipiélago San Bernardo, San Onofre, Rincón del Mar, Bahía Solano, Isla Gorgona and La Barra.

Daniela Jimenez López

Daniela Jimenez López

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