Capurganá: The thin line between the jungle and the sea

AUTHOR: Luis Felipe Pérez

First things first, the location, Capurganá is a village of Acandí, a municipality that is north of Chocó, right on the Gulf of Urabá and very close to the border with Panama.

Capurganá - Chocó

Its name means “chili land” in the language of the indigenous Cuna. You can get there by two means, air and water.

Caribbean Sea

My personal experience is maritime. We traveled more than 590 km from Pereira to the town of Necoclí, Antioquia on a road trip.

We leave Pereira at 8 o’clock in the morning via La Pintada, from there we continue towards Santa Fe de Antioquia, and from Santa Fe we follow the route to Chigorodó, going through Carepa, passing through Apartadó, Turbo and finally reaching Necoclí.


This trip can be done in two sessions, in a single session with an approximate duration of 11 hours of travel, of course the travel time depends on each trip. Or the other is stopping in Santa Fe de Antioquia, which allows to know this municipality, rest (important) and then leave for Necoclí.

Necoclí is a picturesque and hot place, but in which we did not spend more than one night.

Sailboat in the Caribbean Sea

Early in the morning we went to the dock to embark towards the long-awaited Capurganá. At this point there is something that should be told if you want to start this adventure: patience.


Unfortunately, maritime transport in the region only includes one company, so the lack of competition has meant that the service does not “need” to improve.

Lonely boat

Reservations do not exist so it is best to get up early (early in the word) and wait out in a boat as soon as possible. The good thing is the boats, they are big, comfortable and powerful.

Transport of boats in Capurganá

Depending on the state of the sea, the trip can last between 50 minutes and almost two hours, but it is very pleasant. The landscapes are fantastic.

Capurgana Cayo Mar
Capurgana Cay

The vegetation is exuberant and reaches just the precipices that fight against the inclement sea. The union between green and blue is truly unique.

Beach in Capurgana
View of the Caribbean Sea

Capurganá is the perfect combination of friendly people, good food, beaches, forests and above all, good weather.

Capurganá Beach
Caribbean Sea

The large amount of vegetation does not allow the presence of infernal heat as in other beaches of the Caribbean which makes the stay much more pleasant.

Forest of Capurganá

The stay allows to please everyone, can be found from sites of camping sites and hotels with all amenities.

Dream Catcher

Food in general is not expensive, although of course it depends on what you want to eat and there is also a wide variety of foods.

Yes, all very local: lobster, crab, shrimp cocktail and of course carimañolas, egg arepa, hidden love and all those caribbean delicacies.

River in the jungle of Capurganá


The plans offered by the region are very varied. You can visit several beaches such as Sapzurro from where you can “cross” the Darién stop to get to Panama on the beach known as La Miel.

Beach and Caribbean Sea
Capurganá Beach

But there are also more adventurous plans, such as deep hikes in the Chocoan jungle to see waterfalls such as El Cielo, where you can go through varied streams and waterfalls, swim in wells of crystal clear water and even enjoy a ride.

Choco jungle
Animal selfie
Rivera Capurganá
El Cielo Natural Park
Bird watching

Unquestionably, Capurganá is a destination that has been earning its reputation to pulse.

It is a wonderful and unique place in which any type of visitor has a place, in which you can really disconnect from technology and stress and where you can appreciate the wonders of our country and the urgent need to protect them, take care of them and enjoy them.

Signboard: Do not be afraid to move forward and risk yourself. Be afraid to do nothing and stay on the road
Vegetation of the Chocoan jungle
Abandoned airplane

If you are willing to have a patient and uncomplicated attitude, this destination will be a true paradise, where you can divide your taste between adventure and rest.


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Luis Felipe Pérez

Luis Felipe Pérez

Químico, profe, intento de viajero y fotógrafo aficionado.

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