Buenavista the balcony of Quindío

AUTHOR: Yazmin Cifuentes Villa

Among the many motivations to start a trip, this adventure begins with the desire to fly and what better place than in Buenavista, the balcony of Quindío.

Paragliding in Buenavista Quindio

With this wish we contacted a company that has professionals in paragliding, who told us they were flying in Buenavista, a small municipality of Quindío, located on a hill in the central mountain range, located 27 km from Armenia and at an altitude of 1,477 meters above sea level.

Buenavista landscape seen from paragliding

Buenavista is known as “the window of the Quindío” or “the Quindío viewpoint”, it is a town with a peaceful rhythm and a coffee farmer vocation.

Coffee landscape

We headed towards Buenavista from a village in the Valley. We left in the morning around 8:00 a.m., the road was adorned by a beautiful green landscape; around 10:30 a.m. We were already in Buenavista. We entered a cafeteria while we waited for the meeting to go flying.

Landscape of Buenavista

When we meet the people of the paragliding company, we go in a truck to the Hill of 3 crosses, a launch platform for paragliding flights and a natural viewpoint where part of the Quindío, the Valley of Maravélez and the north of Valle del Cauca, a landscape that dazzles and that leaves you breathless.

Mirador del Quindío

There we prepared ourselves with all the security equipment to take off, waiting for the wind the moment arrived; in a sea of excitement, with a lot of adrenaline in the whole body, and after running to push and fill with air the glider we manage to fly !, the sensation of being suspended in the air is something difficult to describe, it is peace, it is tranquility It is a delight.

Paragliders over the sky
Coffee landscape of Quindío

On our way through the air we flew over the village, also the hillsides full of coffee plants and 20 minutes later, which almost felt like 10, it was our time to land. In a small plain we took some turns and then fell into it. Minutes later they came to pick us up to return to Buenavista.

Coffee landscape of Quindío
Bird watching

Being already in the town, and being approximately 2 in the afternoon, we decided to look for lunch, we entered a restaurant, where the menu is varied and the food is delicious, there you can also appreciate the landscape and we could see some birds.

Bird watching
Bird watching

Then, we walked through some of the streets of Buenavista, we were in a small viewpoint appreciating the landscape and shot them in photos for posterity.

View from the viewpoint of Quindío
View from the viewpoint of Quindío

Before leaving this small but peaceful little town of Quindío, we decided to go into an artisan ice cream shop, where they sell delicious palettes, it is a very nice place, with a decoration that reflects the cultural coffee landscape in all its splendor.


We leave from there with all the desire to return one day and continue to know all those small towns that are hidden treasures.


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Yazmin Cifuentes Villa

Yazmin Cifuentes Villa

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