Bahía Solano and humpback whales

AUTHOR: Gabriela Bejarano

From the cloudy sky you could see how the sea mixed with the brown earth and how the sand merged with the thick jungle. The panorama from above looked promising; the environment was going to be hot and humid.

Bahia Solano Chocó

The Bahía Solano airport is very particular, with a direct exit to an unpaved road. The transport was a truck that took us to a port where we had to wait for a boat. The stage there was magnificent with some colorful boats and children in the distance that were entertaining in the sea.

Bahia Solano Chocó

It is always good to have shoes that can get wet, shorts and a suitcase on the back. The water arrives above the ankles when riding in the boat, and from there begins a journey in a dark blue sea that seems to have no end.

Purpose of the trip: go to Bahía Solano to meet the humpback whales. A magical experience and a lot of patience.

Boats on beaches of Bahia Solano

At the time I was there, we had two humpback whale watching opportunities. “With luck, they’ll see what the whale”, the fisherman who used to drive the boat told us.

It was the first outing on a gray morning, I was ready with my camera and with the life jacket that weighed more than me in that boat.

Boats in search of humpback whales

With an attentive look and without blinking, I could not stop seeing the horizon so as not to miss the great moment, since those instants in which the humpback whales loom last only seconds.

Silence flooded the boats, only the movement of the sea was felt. The fisherman turns off the boat and wait. They spend ten, twenty minutes, half an hour and nothing. She was already discouraged and with her hand crimson to keep the camera up.

Boats on the beach of Bahía Solano

Suddenly, and at the least expected moment, a slight puff sounded and a jet of about three meters high came out of the water. The boat goes off in the direction of the place of the whales! And a symphony of water jets starts skyward.

Humpback whale watching

She was not just a mom with her baby, it was a family of about nine humpback whales! The applause did not stop and the cameras started firing.

Humpback whales jumping
Humpback whales in the Colombian Pacific

The most anticipated moment arrived: on the surface the whale, which measures approximately four meters; then the mother appears, imposing, which can reach up to sixteen meters. They come to the warm waters of the Pacific to have their babies.

Humpback whales playing in the Pacific sea
Humpback whales yubartas

The environment is calmer when you are in the water, but the crossings of the walks crossing the mountain make the trip have another experience.

Beach of Bahia Solano Chocó

There was an afternoon when we decided to walk to a deserted beach. The road was covered by a roof of leaves, which barely showed the sun’s rays, the environment felt damp, but when we reached the beach, the sea breeze refreshed us, barely saw the crabs lean out in the sand.

Craft fisherman
Craft fisherman


The experience is unique and unforgettable. The people are very warm and always greet you when you pass by. Children appear in the houses, boats arrive and go with the fishing of the day or of the week.


Actually, being there is connecting with what is ours as Colombians. The Chocó is a destination that is still very unexplored, and we still need to know thousands of other wonders it has to offer.


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Gabriela Bejarano

Gabriela Bejarano

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