Bahía Solano, a paradise hidden in the middle of the jungle and the sea

AUTHOR: Andrea Vargas

Since October 2017, the beautiful municipality of Bahía Solano, located in the department of Choco in the Colombian Pacific, has become one of my favorite places in the country and a destination that, for sure, I plan to continue enjoying every year.

View from the plane
Aerial view of Bahía Solano

At first the only thing that motivated me to decide to visit it was the fact that, from July to November, its warm waters are filled with beautiful humpback whales that play jumping and showing their tails, providing a truly moving show.

But when I arrived, I discovered that this little corner of the country is much more than just whales, the possibilities it offers are so many that my little trip of three days was not enough to enjoy all the hidden wonders in this hidden paradise.

The options range from beaches, hiking, diving and snorkeling, to sightings of whales, turtles and dolphins.

Bahia Solano Chocó Wharf
Bahía Solano port

Few destinations in the country offer such a variety of activities in one place, not to mention that Bahia Solano is home to the Utría National Natural Park, one of the most biodiverse in the world, which makes visiting this beautiful municipality to be expensive. face with one of the greatest natural riches of this country.

Then I will give you a small repertoire of everything you can do in this wonderful Chocoano municipality, with the hope that when you finish reading this article you end up craving enough to decide to visit it. If so, I recommend you read these 7 useful tips for your first visit to Bahía Solano.


Mutis is the most important village that Bahía Solano has. Although it does not have a beach as such, the options that there are to do are not at all disappointing, on the contrary they are really great. So much that you will need more than a day to go through it and enjoy it from top to bottom.

View knoll of the Virgin
View of Mutis City from the Virgin hill viewpoint

To start you can visit the Cascade of the airport, located 10 minutes from it with a depth of almost three meters.

Walk to the chocolatal waterfall, a beautiful cascade of fresh water and a little cold that is about 15 minutes walking from the center of town, to get there you have to cross several sections of the jungle. Immerse yourself in the Pool of love, located right next to the main port of the town.

Pool of love in Ciudad Mutis
Pool of love in Ciudad Mutis

Go up the Virgin hill viewpoint, from where you will have a great panoramic view of the city to take the photo. Walk around the town’s harbor, which is divided into three: the boat for visitors, the loading and unloading of goods and the National Navy; Finally, spend some time in the beautiful main park that is next to the sea.


El Valle is the second most important village of Bahía Solano, due to its economic activity based on banana and rice cultivation. It shelters the most beautiful beach you can imagine with several kilometers of super soft and black sand: The Almejal Beach.

The Almejal Beach
Sunset on the beach El Almejal

In Bahia Solano the most popular hotels and hostels are located in El Valle just in front of the beach, due to the tranquility and beauty of the area, it is also the starting point to go to the Utría National Park.

Rocks in El Almejal beach
When the tide rises, it completely covers the rocks

During the whale watching season, El Almejal beach is one of the few beaches where you can see these giants up close, however it is necessary to use binoculars.

El Almejal beach at low tide
During my visit the tide was always low

Similarly, El Valle is the most tourist municipality and the most desired by visitors who arrive at Solano Bay. It is located one 40 minutes by motorcycle taxi from Mutis.

There is a large part of the road that is not paved, so if you are one of those who get dizzy, it is better to have a bag at hand, just in case.


Abandoned canoe at Huina Beach
Abandoned canoe at Huina Beach

Another of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia Solano, the Huina Beach. It is called “golden beach” because, unlike El Almejal, its sand is not volcanic, but has a golden tone that contrasts perfectly with the great vegetation of the place.|

Huina beach, the goldoro
In addition to being on the beach all day, you can also go hiking in the jungle

Although it is not a very large beach, its beauty and tranquility make it the perfect place to relax in case you do not want to travel to El Valle.

In addition, Huina is an ideal place to snorkel, especially when the tide is low. And it is very close to the shore there are a lot of corals and fish that you can see without problems. The beach is located about 30 minutes by boat from Mutis.

Huina Chocó Beach
It really is a very nice and quiet beach
Crab on the sand
On the beach there are many crabs that flee when a person approaches. This was the only one who allowed himself to be photographed


Of course the plan to see whales could not be left out of this count. And it is that the spectacle of these giants in Bahía Solano is one of the most beautiful that I have seen and that every Colombian should see.

During my trip I could see the whales in the middle of a torrential downpour, however I took my chances and with the cell phone I caught the moment when a whale and its calf swam alongside us.

Bahia Solano Chocó
Whales can be very elusive when they are with their young.
Photo: Luis Alejandro Bernal

Some hotels offer guided tours to see them, but others prefer to hire a boat in the port and go with other tourists. The experience is the same, the only difference is the price. Regardless of how you decide to go, I recommend these 4 tips to make the most of the season.

Similarly, in Bahía Solano there is a dolphin season, which runs from April to June, being May the month in which most are seen. Unlike whales, dolphins are a bit more sociable with humans, so you decide which of the two species you want to see first.

boat at the foot of the sea
All the boats are in the port, the majority of inhabitants have their own boat to move and to fish

Emerging destinations in Colombia are true hidden treasures that all national travelers should enjoy.

I am completely convinced that the best way to appreciate what we have and what makes us unique is not to see it on tv or read it in a travel magazine; but to live it and feel it in the flesh. That is the only way in which a true sense of pride and sense of belonging can grow in us for what we are and what we have, only then will we be totally convinced that being born in this country is a true privilege.

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Andrea Vargas

Andrea Vargas

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