Archipelago of San Bernardo: Pure magic

AUTHOR: Alejandra González

The San Bernardo Archipelago is located in the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the Caribbean Sea and is made up of 10 islands where some are part of the Natural National Park of the Coral Islands of Rosario and San Bernardo.

I made a trip to the San Bernardo Archipelago at the end of January and another at the end of March. On my first trip I was excited by what I had been told, it seemed that it would be the dream place where I could do a thousand things.

Archipiélago de San Bernardo

To get to the San Bernardo Archipelago we took a boat in Santiago de Tolú, and when I left there I remember having loved the landscape, the color of the sea, the seagulls, the fishermen, the sun, the blue sky, it was truly wonderful. apart, I was about to go to what is now one of my favorite places.

Santa cruz del islote

We walk in that boat for about an hour, we go through several islands of the San Bernardo Archipelago: the anchovy, palm island where the Hotel Decamerón is located and a couple of places more, if I’m honest of these I will not talk much because it would be lying, although all They look wonderful.

After a while, I saw one of the places I had been told so much about: Santa Cruz del Islote, I had rarely heard of it, but I was delighted.

Santa cruz del islote

Santa Cruz del Islote, is known as the most densely populated island on the planet, although it is said that there are no censuses to prove this.

It has a security inspector, a school that goes to the seventh grade, a market square, energy and television service, garbage collection service, and all live on a hectare of land, “tiny but happy” I read some time Over there.

Santa Cruz del Islote

I could say that when you get there you feel at home, the energy of the place is wonderful, despite the few things and the narrow streets you receive with all the love of the world.

At the first opportunity I could not get off the boat, on the second I knew I had to get off because I do not know how much time I got back or if I came back, although I would love it.

On my second trip the purpose was different: to bring some books to the children of the island of Santa Cruz, the idea was not mine, it was a wonderful boy who is always very connected with people.

Streets islote de santa cruz

We arrived at the islet with a box full of books and although I had imagined it different, at the end we delivered them in the pink house a block away from the school together with a note for the teacher that said: “Hello, a few months ago we were visiting you and we believe that these books can serve. We hope they are very useful”

Those who received it were very grateful, I stayed with the hope that the note and books arrive at the hands of the teacher, I do not know if I can know what happened, but I think everything will be fine. If you ever visit this island, you receive books with love.

Aquarium Santa Cruz del islote

I also remember the words of the guide with much love “Person who does not love, is not a person, and we all love each other here; We are not poor, we are happy”.

After making the delivery, we went a couple of streets to reach the aquarium. Admission costs $ 5,000 COP and includes the mask. There are a couple of turtles, fish, sharks, and you can go swimming with them.

Aquarium of the archipelago

We swam for a while and finally ran to take a picture in the entrance next to the badge: “Santa Cruz del Islote. School of sustainability », where our visit to Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated island in the world, ended.

From there we took the boat to go to Tintipán, the largest island of the San Bernardo Archipelago, but wait, I did not want to tell you about Tintipán yet.

House on the Water

Returning to my first trip, after the boat ride where we saw the islands of the San Bernardo Archipelago: Santa Cruz del Islote, the House on the water, the Tintipán Island and those mentioned above, we went to Isla Múcura.

Our plan included spending the day in Isla Múcura, which cost $ 75,000 COP, although it can be more economical, so I would recommend traveling in the low season, insurance you enjoy more and it is less expensive.

Pier of Isla Tintipan

When I first arrived in Múcura, the first thing I saw was a starfish, there as if nothing, so safe, so safe, and then I understood that I was coming to one of the most beautiful and magical places in Colombia.

Múcura island
Múcura island

At the end of the dock on the right you find the kiosks where they sell food, drinks, cocktails, tables for the day, chairs for sunbathing, the snorkeling costs $ 8,000 COP, the beach and the bathrooms, and on the left more magic.

Tintipán Island

Where should you go? I would go to the left if the time is short and I want to know.

When I started to walk to the left, I discovered that the water was crystal clear each time, I crossed a zone of a mangrove and I found a bridge, a bridge that is dreamy, it is the second

Manglares de la Isla Tintipan
Puente en Isla tintipan

When you pass this bridge, you come across a path full of palm trees, sunbeams that cross them and silence, at that moment you are the sea, the sound of the leaves of the palm trees with the wind, the dry leaves when you walk, the Twig that creaks, and a little bird from time to time, right there you are in the purest part of the island.

Walk a little more, the island you go through in thirty or forty minutes approximately, but ask, you will find magic in each step.


I would like to tell you a little more about everything on my first and second trip, but for now I do not have more space.

Walk more slowly, there will always be magic for those who look at the small details.


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Alejandra González

Alejandra González

Ingeniera ambiental. Amante del verde, el mar, el sol, la luna, las montañas, las personas y el amor. Me gusta salir a andar de vez en cuando y traer historias y fotos. Vamos? Instagram : @aalejandramar.

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