Anecdotes of the colombian pacific

AUTHOR: Angelica Marroquín

The destination: Ladrilleros beach, Valle del Cauca. The trip: friends, red, breeze and the peaceful Colombian. Our guardian: La Negra a schnauzer rescued by one of my friends and who is our faithful traveling companion.

Playing on the beach with my friends

As we said we enjoyed the walk from start to finish, we started from the Cali transport terminal at 3:00 a.m. two caleñas and one coast, with suitcases of 3 days armed for a month.

The bus we took was full so we all sat in the last row, our neighbors were a class granddad who was traveling alone and two teenagers who had already started the trip to Champeta’s son, salsa and reggaeton.

Exploring the Colombian Pacific jungle

With this Caleño environment we arrived at Buenaventura to look for a boat for Ladrilleros.

The trip by boat is great because it can be seen in many beautiful landscapes, there are stops at several beaches and the adrenaline that is felt when hitting the waves is indescribable.

Traveling by boat through the Pacific Ocean

When we arrived at the cabin where we stayed in Ladrilleros, we went straight to the beach and there we stayed until the entrance the night, we arrived at the hut full of sand and died of laughter to talk until dawn, rather the painted thing well from the beginning.

Our days were simple, we got up early, we organized the house, we had breakfast and we went on foot on trails.

Exploring the Colombian Pacific
Walking on the trail path in Ladrilleros

The first day we went to La Barra, a beach near Ladrilleros, which can be reached by walking along Ladrilleros Beach.

We chose the trail and it took us about 1 hour because the path is stony and you stop to observe the vegetation and the diversity of birds.

The happiness of traveling to Ladrilleros

Again, all the embarrassment because that day had rained in the early morning, so we fell many times but without hurting ourselves.

In La Barra that is usually alone, we stayed all afternoon, that day we became friends of a native who sat down with us to drink beer and chat for a while, the people of the Pacific are very friendly, spontaneous and friendly.

Dog on top of a store table

We ended the day in a store eating shrimp empanada with beer and there we met 2 foreigners with whom we went dancing at night to the nightclub of Ladrilleros, which like the whole place is very rustic, picturesque and open to the public even for Negra, our dog that spent the night with us to the sound of salsa and peaceful music.

Our new friends, as expected, danced little, so we ended up in our cabin talking about their lives and were amazed at how much they liked the landscapes and people of our land.

Puppy walking on the beach of Ladrilleros, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

They were so impressed that they had made the decision to work as English teachers in a school in Popayán to live and know our culture thoroughly, they even confessed that Colombia was their favorite country since their people and their landscapes are pure magical realism.

Traveling by canoe in natural pools of Ladrilleros

The last day we decided to take a canoe tour, a magical experience, the river is a dark greenish color, the view is quite jungle, it is surrounded by mangroves and acclimated with the sound of different birds and finally we reach a waterfall where the Water is very clear and you feel peace in your body.

Swimming in the natural pools of Ladrilleros

The last day we finished it in a rock watching the sunset with beautiful reddish colors, of those that can only be seen in the Colombian Pacific, it was an excellent ending listening to boleros, zambas and reggae, watching how the sun crude egg of deer bit the horizon hiding the light trickling us into the darkness.

Contemplating the sunset at Ladrilleros beach

On that magical afternoon, my friends and I declared ourselves pantheists and went back to this fragment of Vargas Vila: «Nature has the repairing quality of panting; an hour that you spend in conversation with her, is enough to awaken all your most beautiful primitive instincts, to rejuvenate us, to begin to melt in your generous bosom; Oh! Why do we have to pull ourselves out of it again, to enter again into this endless fiction that is life, outside of nature?

Finally, if you want to travel to La Barra, here is a practical guide and if you dare to come and see the humpback whales, Bahia Solano is a paradise to do it.

Angelica Marroquín

Angelica Marroquín

Soy una mujer nacida en cuerpo y alma en el trópico, ubicación que ha influenciado mis más grandes pasiones: la bohemia, la lectura, la brisa del ocaso, el verde de la selva, el río, los viajes sin rumbo fijo y el mar.